When you live far away from your elderly family member, you don’t always know exactly what is going on in her daily life. Having a variety of different sources for information can keep your decisions focused on exactly what she needs at any given point. Try a combination of these resources to help you and your aging adult cope.

Home Care in Oakwood GA: Long-Distance Caregiving

Home Care in Oakwood GA: Long-Distance Caregiving

Get Help from Friends, Family, and Neighbors.

Friends and family who live near your aging family member can give you first person accounts of what is happening with her. Neighbors who your elderly family member likes and trusts can also be a tremendous source of information. Let them know what you need from them and rely on them to get you the information that you need.

Enlist the Help of Her Doctor.

It’s always important for family caregivers to have a good working relationship with their elderly family member’s doctor, but it’s even more important for you as a long distance caregiver. Make sure that you have open lines of communication with your aging family member’s doctor and find out how it’s easiest for their office to update you.

Rely on Local Agencies for the Aging.

Community organizations and agencies that help senior citizens can be a tremendous help for both you and your senior. They can help to coordinate meals for your elderly family member, transportation when she can no longer drive, and even help with keeping her home clean and properly maintained.

Hire Home Care Providers.

At some point, you might feel more comfortable having home care providers available for your aging family member. They can provide more specific, personalized care and companionship. This type of care may also help your elderly family member to be able to stay in her own home for much longer than she might have been able to do otherwise. They can also update you on daily changes that are taking place for your aging family member, which can help you to make more complex decisions.

As you and your elderly family member fall into a caregiving rhythm, managing her care will become easier for you to do, even from a distance.

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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner