If you’ve only got five minutes, is it really worth it to try to fix a possible safety issue? You might be able to do more in that time than you think you can.


Caregiver in Braselton GA: Senior Safety

Caregiver in Braselton GA: Senior Safety

Replace Old or Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are one of those things you don’t think about until you absolutely need them and they fail. LED bulbs last for years, but if your senior doesn’t already have those installed, you might want to go ahead and make the switch now. They’re brighter and the long life means that there’s less risk of them burning out any time soon.

Put Together an Emergency Contact List

If you don’t already have a written or printed copy of your senior’s emergency contact list, now is the time. Go through your contact information and put all the important names and numbers into one list. If you do this in a document on your computer or phone, you can print it out and easily edit it as necessary to reprint. The reason for having a hard copy is that electronic methods do sometimes fail and in a crisis, it can be faster to look at a list than to try to remember where that information is stored in a device.

Move Cords and Clutter

Clutter and cords are two big issues that can contribute to tripping. Go through your senior’s house and see what might be a tripping hazard and determine where you can relocate those items. Cords are usually a fast move, but clutter can be more complicated. You don’t have to go through the clutter now or figure out what to do with it. That still needs to be done, but the immediate concern is making sure it’s out of the way.

Check the Water Heater’s Settings

When did you last take a look at your senior’s water heater? It’s possible that the setting on the water heater is just a smidge high for safety. Turning it down even a few degrees doesn’t change how hot water gets used in the house, but it could prevent your senior from accidentally scalding herself. If you have more time, you might want to look into anti-scald tools that you can add to your senior’s shower and tub.

Elderly care providers can be a huge help with safety concerns. It’s not always easy for caregivers to see what might be a big safety problem for their senior. Elderly care providers have experience in managing those issues and can help your elderly family member with other concerns, too.


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