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As a family caregiver, you witness a great deal of loss, both for your elderly loved one and for yourself. Even so, grief can sneak up on you and hit you when you least expect it.Caregiver-in-Johns-Creek-GA

Grief Can Happen at All Stages of Caregiving

You might think that you shouldn’t be experiencing grief as a family caregiver because your elderly loved one is still right there with you. The problem is that you can experience grief at many different stages as you see your elderly loved one’s health decline or as you witness other changes. You may simply be grieving the loss of someone that you love, but you can also be grieving all of the little things your elderly loved one loses along the way.

Be Good to Yourself

When you start to realize that you’re feeling grief, be good to yourself. Beating yourself up or telling yourself that you shouldn’t be feeling the way that you do is only going to make the situation worse for you. What’s important is that you accept how you’re feeling and that you find positive ways to celebrate your elderly loved one and cherish the memories that you have.

Enjoy What Time You Do Have with Your Elderly Loved One

Look for ways to spend quality, loving time with your elderly loved one. You might do this by making a scrapbook of happy memories together or going through old photo albums and laughing together. Find the ways that allow you to experience joy and to create a trove of happy memories for you. Later you’ll need to be able to revisit that as you experience more and deeper grief.

Find a Support System that Can Help You Through the Difficult Times

If you don’t already have a strong support system, now is the time to find one. Yours might consist of other family members, friends, or neighbors. You might also want to join a support group for caregivers who are dealing with grief. If your situation is particularly dire, you may want to even consider talking to a counselor or therapist about positive ways to deal with your grief.

Ignoring your grief will only make the problem worse, so do what you can to work through the emotion.

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