When your aging relative is recovering from a stroke at the hospital, you and other family members need to make some decisions about what their home recovery care will be like. In most cases, elderly adults that have had even a mild stroke are somewhat physically impaired as they recover. Seniors must have someone with them, such as a family caregiver or elder care provider, as they learn to cope with the sudden changes in their physical abilities.

Elder Care in Johns Creek GA: Daily Care for Seniors After a Stroke

Elder Care in Johns Creek GA: Daily Care for Seniors After a Stroke

How Strokes Affect Elderly Adults.

When a blood vessel bursts or a clot plugs up a vein, it can impact the amount of blood that reaches the brain, causing a stroke. When the brain is cut off from a regular supply of blood, it suffers from damage. The elderly person may lose some or all of their ability to take care of themselves in their own home, independent of help. Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer from strokes every year, with the majority of victims being senior citizens.

The after-effects of a stroke depend on the location of the obstruction and what parts of the brain were affected. Most strokes happen on one side of the brain, which affects the opposite side of the body. Strokes result in physical limitations, such as weakened leg and arm control, memory loss, speech and language problems, and vision issues.

In-Home Care for Seniors After a Stroke.

Obviously, elderly adults with serious after-effects of a stroke cannot perform the basic daily tasks they need to keep themselves clean, fed, and safe. While family members can do a lot for their loved ones, many have other responsibilities like jobs and children. Distance may also be a factor in the amount of time family caregivers can spend helping their aging relative. Hiring an elder care provider ensures that the elderly adult is being cared for and that their needs are being met.

With physical therapy and occupational therapy, elderly adults are encouraged to do as much self-care as possible. However, there are limits to what they can do on their own. An elder care provider can aide with self-care tasks like bathing, showering, toileting, dressing, and grooming. They can also help keep the house in order, such as cleaning, laundry, pet care, light maintenance, and safety checks. Seniors that have very limited mobility may even depend on the elder care provider to help them get out of bed, move from a chair to a table and get in and out of a car.

When a stroke happens to an aging relative, family members must make decisions rather quickly about what kind of in-home care is needed. Hiring an elder care provider for a relative who is recovering from the after-effects of a stroke will bring peace of mind to family members about their loved one’s health and safety.

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