Caregivers in Gainesville, GA Finding Ways to Promote Awareness this Month

November is “Gluten-free diet awareness month” hence the perfect time that people from across the country are eradicating a protein called gluten completely from their diet solely to express their support to persons suffering from Celiac disease (CD). If your elderly parent or someone you know has celiac disease, you can help promote awareness this month for them.

Celiac disease is a genetic disease that interferes with the absorption of nutrients since it leads to the damage of the small intestine. People suffering from CD cannot put up with gluten as the body sees this protein as poison. A research shows that out of approximately 133 people in U.S, one is suffering from CD. In total, more than 3 million people are suffering from CD.

How You Can Participate in Celiac Awareness

The only Celiac Disease prescription is gluten-free as even negligible trace of gluten can lead to hyperactive medical conditions in the patient’s body. Gluten-free simply means no wheat, barley, rye or oats. Foregoing gluten processed foods in November is not only for the people who have been suffering from Celiac Disease. People having side effects of gluten in their body also embrace this month as the gluten-free diet awareness month.

Be part of the country as they exert effort in rising awareness as far as Celiac Disease is concerned starting from November 1 to November 30. This is the best opportunity to show your support to those suffering from Celiac Disease. It is not necessary to know someone suffering from CD in order to express your concern. You and your senior parent can help in any way you’re able to, as there are many organizations and events going on over the country.

  • It is simple to get started; the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) gives out Celiac Awareness Month Toolkit that is printable and downloadable at zero cost.
  • There are skin care products that can be the best choice for you given that you want to go gluten-free in November. Research points out that, unless ingested, skin care products made from gluten do not have negative effects on persons suffering from Celiac Disease providing you with a unique chance of showing your support to people suffering from CD. Go organic this November by putting on Skincare products made from gluten, considering that the skin is the largest organ of the body.
  • Moreover, during November, the NFCA salutes all the restaurants and retailers that have been putting an extra effort in eliminating Celiac Disease by ensuring a gluten-free community.

November is all about providing support to persons with Celiac Disease, you and your senior parent will be making a difference no matter the way you’re able to participate. If you’re finding your elderly loved one needs more care than you can give on a weekly basis, you should look into hiring in-home health care services for help. A caregiver can help your mother or father with daily tasks, appointments and medication reminders.

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