Elder Care in Braselton GA: What Are the Best Ways to Determine Where Your Elderly Loved One Should Live?

Your elderly loved one probably wants to stay in her own home, but you feel that she should consider living with you. How do you go about determining which of you is right? Accounting for all of the variables is your best bet.


Evaluate Her Situation

There’s a lot for you to evaluate in your loved one’s situation. First of all, there’s her health. But there’s also the safety of her home and whether she needs help with basic activities of daily living. If any of the issues are situations that can be corrected for your loved one, that’s your first step. From there, you can determine if a change of living situation will be the better option.


Talk with Her Doctor

Your loved one’s doctor can help you to evaluate your loved one’s current health and her prognosis for the near future. Depending on her current health situation, your loved one may need additional care sooner rather than later. If moving her into your home, for example, can resolve that problem, that may be the way to go. Otherwise, your loved one may need elder care providers to assist her while she stays at home.


Evaluate Your Own Situation

Your own situation can factor into these decisions, too. It’s possible that you simply don’t have the space in your home right now. Or possibly your home isn’t safe enough for your loved one. If you don’t have grab rails installed in the bathroom, for example, it can take time to make those adjustments. Making room for your elderly loved one may be possible, but it may take more time than your loved one’s situation allows.


Get Help as Needed

When you determine what needs to be done in order to accommodate your loved one either at home or in your home, seek out assistance to meet those needs. Local agencies can help you if they know about your situation. You might also be able to get more help than you realize from friends, neighbors, and other family members.

Remember to talk with your elderly loved one about your concerns, her needs, and her wants. Making the decision for her should be the very last resort.

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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner