Elder Care in Oakwood GA

Many families look forward to Thanksgiving as a time that they are able to spend together making memories and reconnecting after long periods apart. This is an opportunity to share traditions, Elder-Care-in-Oakwood-GAmeet new members of the family, and get up-to-date on the changes in everyone’s life while also giving thanks and celebrating the joys of life. For you as a family caregiver it is important that you enjoy this celebration and all that it can mean, but are also aware of the potential stress that it can cause your loved one. Celebrating the holidays can be difficult for an elderly adult, particularly one who is dealing with new challenges and limitations since the last holiday. Making this holiday less stressful for them can help to ensure that they are able to find as much meaning as possible in the celebration and can create memories with you that you can cherish well into the future.


Use these tips to help make Thanksgiving less stressful for your aging parent:

  • Get them involved. Your elderly loved one might not be able to do everything that they once did for the holiday celebration, but that does not necessarily mean that they cannot do anything at all. Find ways that they can contribute to the celebration in meaningful ways. This can mean helping with the food preparation, making crafts with your children to use as decorations, or making the table. Giving them purpose helps them to feel relevant and engaged, easing stress and boosting emotional health.
  • Include their needs. Thanksgiving is focused primarily on enjoying the feast. If your parent has new dietary limitations or restrictions, however, they might be nervous about how they are going to be able to participate in this enjoyment. Make sure that you plan for dishes that they are able to eat that you can serve to everyone. Choose your parent’s favorites and modify them to fit with your loved one’s new guidelines so that they do not feel like they are missing out.
  • Simplify the celebration. Especially if your parent is suffering from cognitive decline such as related to Alzheimer’s disease, a large and busy Thanksgiving celebration can be completely overwhelming and stressful. Simplifying the celebration and making it a more low-key experience can help to keep your parent feeling more in control. This might mean doing a potluck rather than having you and your parent responsible for the whole meal, reducing the number of guests, or even going out to eat at a restaurant for the main meal rather than eating at home.


The holiday season is a fantastic time to consider elder care for your aging parent. An elderly home care services provider can come in to fill care gaps that can arise during the stressful and busy times of the season, helping you to feel confident that your senior is getting everything that they need to stay healthy, happy, safe, and comfortable even while you are focusing on the other elements of celebrating the holiday. When it comes to making Thanksgiving less stressful for your parent, this care provider can be with them to help your loved one participate in the holiday, engage with the family, and manage their personal needs in ways that are discreet, efficient, and effective. This means that they are able to be as involved with the Thanksgiving celebration as possible, but also know that they are going to get all of the care, support, and assistance necessary to keep them at their best before, during, and even after the holiday.


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