Low vision is a type of vision loss that you might not have heard much about.

At first, it might just seem to your senior as if things are a little bit darker around her. In fact, low vision can come on so gradually that it can take a long time for your elderly family member to realize that something isn’t quite right with her vision.


Elder Care in Johns Creek GA: Low Vision

Elder Care in Johns Creek GA: Low Vision


Low Vision Defined

Low vision is a particular type of vision loss that affects your senior’s ability to do normal everyday activities. Unlike other types of vision changes, corrective lenses and surgery don’t correct low vision. Your senior may find that she’s having trouble differentiating colors, reading, and even recognizing the faces of people that she’s known for years. It can be a very frustrating condition if your senior doesn’t know what’s happening.


Her Eye Doctor Can Test for Low Vision

Your senior’s eye doctor may be able to detect low vision before she even notices symptoms. Testing for low vision is done through a dilated eye exam. Once diagnosed, though, there really isn’t anything that her eye doctor can do to reverse the problem. If it’s related to other eye issues, those may be treatable, but the low vision will remain an issue.


She May Need Assistive Tools

There are more and more assistive tools for vision these days, which is good news. Audiobooks as well as spoken-text apps and programs for computer use are more widespread than ever. Your elderly family member may also benefit from increasing the lighting in her home and using magnifying aids whenever possible. As her low vision worsens, some of these tools may not work as well, though.


She May Need Other Help, Too

It’s very possible that low vision creates some big changes in your senior’s life. She may find that eventually, she can’t see well enough to drive, for instance, or that cooking and other household tasks become difficult. This may be when she becomes more open to the idea of having home care providers offering assistance on a regular basis. They can help her to get things done as safely as possible, while also offering a reassuring presence.

Low vision is something that your elderly family member can live with, but it may cause her to lose her ability to do some of the things that she loves to do. Finding other hobbies that she loves can help quite a bit.


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