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In your role as a family caregiver you know how important it is for your elderly loved one to eat a healthy, balanced, and varied diet. Especially if you are a multigenerational caregiver caring for


Elderly Care in Duluth GA: Are Frozen Foods a Healthy Option for Your Senior?

your children as well as your parent, have a career that you are managing, are nurturing your marriage and caring for your home, and have other obligations and responsibilities in your life, however, your schedule might seem so busy that you are not able to always prepare them fresh, healthy meals that you know fit in with their dietary guidelines. When you are busy you might be tempted to reach for convenience foods, particularly frozen items, but this can seem like an unhealthy option. Are frozen foods really a healthy option for your senior?

March is National Frozen Food Month. This is the ideal opportunity for you to learn about how to use the convenience and affordability of frozen foods to improve your parent’s care routine as they age in place.

It is easy to think that just because these foods are frozen and quicker to prepare than fresh foods they are not healthy. This, however, is not the case. In reality, there are many frozen options that are just as, or even more, healthy than their fresh counterparts. For example, frozen vegetables are picked at their peak and then quickly frozen. This captures not just their flavor, but also all of their nutrients. This means that you can give your parent a wide variety of nutrition and even enjoy fruits and vegetables that are out of season without paying a premium for them.


If you have been looking for ways to improve your parent’s quality of life and help them to enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle as they age in place, starting elderly care for them might be the ideal solution. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a customized schedule that ensures that your loved one always has access to the care, support, encouragement, and assistance that they need whether you are able to be with them or not. When it comes to helping your parent maintain better physical health and well-being, as well as improved mental and emotional health, through a more balanced diet and more frequent involvement in their meal and snack preparation, you can feel confident in the support and personalized services of an elderly care provider. This care provider can help your parent research recipes that fit in with the nutritional guidelines that they should be following, but that also speak to their personal preferences and restrictions. They can then provide reliable and safe transportation to the grocery store to help your parent select the foods that are right for them, ensuring that they never have to wait for you to stock their freezer. Once at home, this are provider can assist your parent with meal and snack preparation, encouraging them to take on more of this task on their own for a boost in their mental and emotional health, and cognitive functioning, as well as improved diet.


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