Elderly Care in Johns Creek GA

If your elderly loved one has dementia, she may eventually start wandering. This can be incredibly disturbing for you as her caregiver, especially if she tries frequently to leave the house.Elderly-Care-in-Johns-Creek-GA

Talk to Your Loved One’s Neighbors

Before your elderly loved one starts to wander off regularly, it’s a good idea to talk to the neighbors. You can let them know that your loved one has dementia and that she may wander. You may want to leave them a card with your name and number so that they can contact you if they happen to spot your loved one wandering around the neighborhood.

Secure the House, if Possible

It’s also a good idea to look into ways to secure the house for your elderly loved one. Keyed deadbolt locks and sliding locks put either higher or lower on the door than normal can both be effective. You may also want to install door alarms that alert you audibly when the door opens. Locks on windows and other ways that your loved one could leave the home are also a good plan.

Learn Your Loved One’s Triggers for Wandering

Your elderly loved one could start wandering for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons for wandering is that your loved one is not getting enough physical activity throughout the day. You can help to fix that by having your loved one’s doctor clear her for exercise and then start an exercise plan. Your loved one can also wander if she’s trying to meet a need, such as looking for the bathroom. Once you learn what your loved one’s triggers for wandering are, you can find solutions for them.

Set up a Plan for When She Wanders

You can do everything that you can to prevent your loved one from wandering, but you have to be realistic and expect that there may be a time when your loved one succeeds. The first step in your plan needs to be that you stay calm and focus on the plan. Keep current pictures of your elderly loved one on hand in case you need to use them to find her. You may also want to notify local police departments that your loved one can have a tendency to wander.

Your loved one’s elderly care providers can help you to set up and to implement your plan to help keep your loved one from wandering.

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