Elderly Care in Duluth GA

One of your primary goals in your elderly care journey with your aging loved ones is making sure that they get the nutrition that they need to stay healthy and strong. In the cold winter months, Elderly-Care-Duluth-GAhowever, sometimes you just want food that is comforting, filling, and satisfying. Fortunately, you can have both. This recipe is for an indulgent-tasting macaroni and cheese that will fill you up and make you feel comforted and warmed from the inside out, but also contains a good dose of vegetables to pack your dinner with nutrition. It is a meal that you will feel fantastic about serving to your parents and your children any night of the week. Be sure to pack any leftovers tightly and put them in the refrigerator or freezer so that your parents and their elderly health care services provider can enjoy the comfort and deliciousness, but also the vitamins, protein, and dietary fiber provided by this dish.


What You Will Need

• 2 12 ounce jars of roasted red peppers

• 1 teaspoon of salt

• Fresh pepper to taste

• 3/4 of a cup of sour cream

• 1 and 1/2 cups of cottage cheese

• 2 and 1/2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese

• 2 large eggs

• 16 ounces of baby spinach

• 12 ounces of macaroni

• A 3 quart casserole dish

• Nonstick coating

• A large pot

• A pasta drainer

• Plastic wrap

• An egg whisk

• A small bowl

• Foil

• A sharp knife


What to Do

• Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F

• Spray the 3 quart casserole dish with the nonstick coating

• Turn an eye of the stove on high and place a large pot of water to boil

• Salt the water generously

• When boiling, add the macaroni

• Allow to cook, stirring occasionally, until just al dente

• Drain the pasta

• Immediately transfer the pasta to a large mixing bowl

• Add the spinach to the mixing bowl

• Toss the pasta and spinach to combine

• Cover the bowl with the plastic wrap

• Allow to sit for about 10 minutes, or until the pasta has mostly wilted the spinach

• Shake the bowl occasionally to mix the spinach and the pasta

• In the small bowl, whisk the eggs into a nice even layer

• Add the 2 cups of cheese, cottage cheese, salt and sour cream into the egg mix

• Continue to whisk until just combined

• Pour the egg mix over the pasta

• Using the sharp knife, chop the roasted red peppers into small pieces

• Add the diced red peppers to the pasta and begin to gently stir until combined and all of the ingredients are evenly coated with the sauce

• Transfer the macaroni and cheese dish into the baking dish

• Cover the baking dish tightly with foil

• Bake for 30 minutes while covered

• Remove the foil and sprinkle the remaining cheese on top

• Bake uncovered for 15 more minutes, or until the cheese has melted and the casserole has begun to bubble

• Allow the casserole to cool for a few minutes

• Serve while hot

• The casserole can also be refrigerated after covering with the foil for up to a week, and if doing so, must bake its final time for about 45 minutes


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