Caregiver in Dacula GA

Preparing seniors to welcome a professional caregiver into their home will take some tact, patience, and often desensitization. Some older people still believe they are capable of living independently, though Caregiver in Dacula GAcertain telltale signs reveal this is not the case. Others just reject the idea of having a “stranger” in their home, but they need to be reminded of two things: 1) this is the alternative to living in a senior care facility, and 2) the home care professional is only a stranger the first day, over time he or she will be a friend, helper and protector for the senior. Preparing seniors to accept their senior caregivers in advance helps everyone during this transition phase.

Here are a few tips to help your loved ones understand that this is a definite change that is happening for their benefit and to ensure they are well cared for in their own home. If they see everything is being prepared ahead of time, it will help ease the transition.  The caregivers will need some information and structure to be sure they can help your senior stay healthy and continue to enjoy a quality living experience in their own home.

  • You need a constant flow of information. Some agencies use a software program or you can design your own for the specific needs. Also, seek support and information from others who are successfully working with a home care agency for their own seniors.
  • Prepare legal documents, organize their paperwork and keep them in a secure place.
  • Organize medical information and care history, make copies for the caregiver in case of an emergency. Include all important phone numbers, physicians, emergency response, security, and family members.
  • Learn about new technologies that can assist the elderly. Set up a safe environment – bathrooms, bedroom, kitchen – to increase safety, better mobility, and convenience.
  • Your senior care agency is sending a qualified provider to assist with your senior relative. Take the time that they are in your seniors’ home to rest up, enjoy free time for recreation, relaxation, and re-energize.
  • Prepare a list of tasks you know will help your senior on a daily and weekly basis. The personal senior care giver may have additional suggestions once he or she gets to know your loved one better.

Use this organizing time to help your senior adjust to the reality of having a professional caregiver to help them prepare good meals, dress and do laundry, get them to appointments and go outside for regular walks and sunshine, and other things to keep the senior alert, active and healthy.

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