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If you plan to help decorate the home of your elderly loved one this year, it is important to keep their pets in mind.  Holiday decorations can brighten up a home and bring in holiday cheer, butCaregiver-Oakwood-GA they can also be a danger to dogs and cats.  If your elderly loved one has pets, it doesn’t mean that the decorations can’t go up, you just need to take a few extra precautions.  Here are a few simple tips to keep holiday decorations safe for family pets:

•   Be Careful With Plants

There are many traditional holiday plants that are actually harmful to animals.  If you decide to put out holiday plants, make sure that you keep them out of the reach of pets.  Some plants that can make pets sick when eaten include mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias.  If you want to be extra safe, just opt for the artificial versions of these festive plants.

•   Secure Cords and Lights

Make sure extension cords and strands of lights are kept away from pets.  Pets can chew on these cords and strands and suffer an electric shock.

•   Anchor the Tree

Make sure the Christmas tree is securely anchored so that if pets do decide to explore it, it won’t fall over on them.  If decorating with a live tree, it is also a good idea to keep pets from drinking the water.

•   Avoid Tinsel

Tinsel can look like an attractive toy to a dog or a cat, but it can be harmful if swallowed.  Tinsel can get caught in a pet’s digestive tract causing them to get sick and to probably need a trip to the vet.

•   Consider the Candy Bowl

Many people enjoy putting out dishes of candy for holiday festivities.  But, candy should definitely not be eaten by pets.  Chocolate can even be fatal to dogs.  If you put out a candy bowl, make sure to put it in a place that pets cannot get to.

•   Opt for Artificial Candles

It is probably best to avoid lighting candles for multiple reasons.  They can be a fire hazard and it is often easy to forget to put them out.  Cats and dogs can get curious about candles and knock them over which can cause a fire.  If candles are something you love to have around the house, try replacing real candles with flameless candles that look just like the real thing!

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