Everyone these days is understanding their role in protecting the environment and taking care of the world around us. This means taking simple steps everyday to reduce carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and minimize negative impact on the environment. As a family caregiver, helping your parent to make these green choices in their life can be a fantastic way to not only help them to feel more valuable and relevant to the world around them, but to also stimulate their mind and boost their cognitive functioning. November 3rd is Pumpkin Destruction Day. This is the perfect chance for you to think of green ways to get rid of your senior’s Halloween pumpkins. Doing this together can be a fun activity, and can also open up other activities including animal watching and gardening.

Caregiver in Johns Creek GA: Green Ways to Get Rid of Your Senior's Halloween Pumpkins

Caregiver in Johns Creek GA: Green Ways to Get Rid of Your Senior’s Halloween Pumpkins

Let these ideas inspire you for creative ways to get rid of your seniors Halloween pumpkins:

  • If your parent lives in an area with deer and other similar wildlife, put the pumpkins out for them to eat. Crush them to make them easier for the animals to chew.
  • Put pumpkins out in an area of the yard that gets good drainage and a lot of sun. Allow them to decompose naturally, and watch them throughout the spring and summer to see if they naturally sprout. If they do, weed around them and take care of your own little pumpkin patch.
  • Make them a part of your parent’s compost heap to include in their garden in the spring.

In order to make sure all pumpkins are safe for the environment, check them before putting them outside or feeling them to animals. They should:

  • Have no glitter, plastic, vinyl, glue, or other hard, non-natural components. Small pieces of paper are fine as they will biodegrade.
  • Not still have a candle inside.
  • Not have been treated with bleach or other chemicals to ward off decomposition and bug activity.
  • Not be molded or infested.


Your aging parent does not have to have serious challenges or have no urge for independence in order to benefit from senior care. In fact, having a senior home care services provider as a part of their daily life can be one of the most effective ways of helping your parent to maintain as much of their independence as possible, and enjoy better health and well-being. The customized services of a senior care provider are intended to help your parent make the most of this chapter of their life by keeping them healthy and safe, empowering them to take care of themselves, and encouraging them to seek out more activity and fulfillment. These services can include transportation, mobility support, help with tasks around the home, personal care tasks, medication reminders, companionship, and more.

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