Lights, Cameras, Action
Hollywood Haunts Home Care MattersThere are always lots of unusual, new & great things that happen in the home care business but one of the more fun & interesting events that has ever happened to Home Care Matters & our team was when Hollywood came to Flowery Branch! The Hollywood team came to scout out many of the town locations & businesses to shoot scenes for their new sequel. How fun is that?? They selected several locations for scenes that included Home Care Matters, Liberty Candy, Lakeside Market, & Southern Grace. We all said ‘YES’ & then, as they say, ‘ACTION’!

Hollywood Haunts Home Care MattersThe movie is a sequel to a thriller also filmed in Flowery Branch about a year ago called, “Along Came the Devil’. This year’s sequel is “Along Came the Devil 2’ & s said to be scarier than the original & set to come out this fall. Both films are written, directed & produced by Heather & Jason DeVan.

Heather DeVan, is also one of the co-stars of both films. Also co-starring is veteran Hollywood actor, Bruce Davison (of X Men series fame, a Golden Globe nominee & has a host of other film credits) Mr. Davison was also a co-star in the first film.

SO, if you love scary, horror, & thriller movies be sure to look for this one this fall!

Hollywood Haunts Home Care MattersEquipment
Equipment arrives by the truckload





Hollywood Haunts Home Care MattersPieces for the set
Bringing in part of the set designs





Hollywood Haunts Home Care MattersConverting the office
These is a lot of people, equipment & time that go into getting the office ready for the scene shoots. It is not what you see on TV!




Hollywood Haunts Home Care MattersThat’s a Wrap
Valerie directing from the director lounge & after about 12 hours it’s a wrap folks.



Thanks Hollywood but we’re gonna to keep our real jobs for now!

See the Full Flyer of the Event Here.

Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner