Your senior’s activity level can directly correlate with her ability to remain as healthy as possible. Talk with her doctor about how much exercise is right for her and whether exercise is something she needs to embrace at this stage of her life.


Home Care in Dacula GA: Senior Staying Active

Home Care in Dacula GA: Senior Staying Active


She Might Be Able to Manage Her Health Better

Your senior’s health might be a difficult challenge for her, but exercise and remaining active can do so much to help her. Some of the biggest health hurdles, like high blood pressure, can be alleviated at least a little bit by being a little more active. Your senior might rely mostly on medication, but exercise can help just that little bit more.


She Might Lose Less Muscle Tone

Very often aging adults find that they lose more muscle tone than they expect. Part of this happens because your senior is growing older, but there can be more to it than that. If your senior is significantly less active than she used to be, she’s likely to lose quite a bit more muscle tone than she can really afford to lose. Exercise can help to slow that process down.


She Can Protect Her Bones

Another problem your senior might run into is that her bones may become a little more fragile than they once were. This is called osteoporosis and it can leave your senior open to bigger injuries, like fractured bones. Exercise can help to prevent this, though, especially if your senior is doing something called weight-bearing exercise. These types of exercises help to keep her bones stronger.


Her Stamina Might Improve

When your senior is less active, she’s likely to lose some of the stamina that she’s built up over time. With some patience, your elderly family member can rebuild her stamina with gentle exercise. What this means is that if she’s starting walking again, she’ll need to go slowly and pace herself. Gradually as she increases the distance and time that she walks, she’ll feel stronger.


It Helps Her to Remain Independent

Overall, exercise can help your elderly family member to remain as independent as she wants to be. As she’s more active, she’s able to do more on her own. This can be an empowering feeling for her, especially if she’s been worried that she’s becoming frail.
One of the tools that can help your elderly family members to exercise a little more is to hire home care providers. Home care services can take over some tasks for your senior, freeing up her time and her energy to focus on exercise.


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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner