Home Care: Lots of people have headaches on a regular basis, but it’s important to know the difference between a garden variety headache and something that might be an indication of something far more serious.

Home Care: Talk to your senior’s doctor as well about what symptoms she might exhibit in a headache related to an emergency situation. Her symptoms may be slightly different depending on existing health issues. Home care can help you to keep an eye on your senior’s headaches.


Home Care in Buford GA: Headaches

Home Care in Buford GA: Headaches


When Your Senior Has More Pain than Ever Before

There’s a certain amount of pain involved with every headache. What’s important is to pay attention to whether this is the worst headache pain your senior has ever experienced. If that’s what she’s feeling, the headache might not be the star of the show. It’s possible that the headache is a symptom of something else going on that’s more serious.


When Your Senior Experiences Seizures

Unless your elderly family member has epilepsy or a history of seizures, even one seizure accompanying a headache is an emergency situation. Make sure to contact your senior’s doctor right away. Her doctor can let you know whether the situation means that she should go to the hospital as soon as possible. If your elderly family member does have a history of seizures, it might be a good idea to have senior care providers available as often as possible to watch for signs of health issues.


When She’s Experiencing Unusual Pre-headache Symptoms

Pre-headache symptoms or aura are usually more common for migraines than they are for headaches, but they’re still possible for your senior to experience. Some of the symptoms to watch for can include extra confusion or trouble thinking, seeing floaters or spots, or experiencing other changes in senses. Your senior might hear ringing in her ears, for instance.


When She’s Experiencing Alarming Symptoms

Any symptoms that are significantly different from anything she’s experienced before with a headache are ones to take seriously. Symptoms like being unable to maintain consciousness or vomiting are some of the symptoms that you should be alert for. These symptoms aren’t ones that your senior should ever ignore.

If your elderly family member is prone to headaches, having home care providers available more often can help so much. Headaches, especially frequent ones, can take so much out of your elderly family member. Knowing that she can rely on home care providers for help when she needs it can alleviate a great deal of stress for her.


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