As often as your senior should push through and go ahead and work out, there are also times it’s smarter for her to skip her exercise for the day. Some of the big problems are listed below, but if she’s ever in doubt about whether to exercise or not, your senior should contact her doctor.


Home Care in Lawrenceville GA: Senior Exercise Tips

Home Care in Lawrenceville GA: Senior Exercise Tips


She’s Dizzy, Lightheaded, or Short of Breath

If your elderly family member is short of breath, lightheaded, or dizzy at all, then exercise can make those issues worse. These are signs that there’s something else going on. The problem could range from low blood sugar to low blood pressure or any number of other issues. Her doctor really needs to see what’s happening with her health.


She’s Got New Symptoms

It’s also important that any new symptoms are addressed with her doctor before your senior exercises again. Depending on your senior’s health and the types of symptoms she’s experiencing, there could be any number of new situations occurring for her. Her doctor can make sure she’s safe to exercise.


She’s Got Injuries that Aren’t Healing

Bruises, sores, or wounds that just aren’t healing can be a sign that something more is happening, too. These types of things can be overlooked easily, but they’re important to keep track of. These injuries are especially important if they’re showing up on your senior’s feet or lower legs because they can indicate circulatory issues.


She Can’t See Well

Eye issues can be another problem for your senior. If she can’t see well, that might contribute to dizziness or other issues that might lead to a fall. There can be other eye issues, too, including injuries to her eye or excess watering that can indicate she may have another problem.


She’s Had Any Surgeries

Surgery, in general, can be a big no for exercise and your senior. Her surgeon or her doctor should let her know about any restrictions due to the surgery and she may need special permission to start exercising again. Make sure that you’re completely up to speed on what her surgery entails and how it will affect her afterward.

Your senior might find it helpful to have reminders about when exercise isn’t a good idea. If you put any restrictions or limitations in a list, then other people who help her, like home care providers, will also know when it’s a good idea for her to sit out a workout or two.


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