Respiratory issues give your senior problems on multiple fronts. The biggest problem is of course that her body needs oxygen in order to keep functioning. Beyond that, respiratory problems can put other demands on her body and on her health that your senior really doesn’t need to face.


Home Care Services in Johns Creek GA: Respiratory Problems

Home Care Services in Johns Creek GA: Respiratory Problems


All Her Body’s Systems Need Oxygen to Thrive

When your senior’s body doesn’t get the oxygen that it needs, it won’t function as well as it could. That means that critical functions can start to shut down. Those are extreme situations, of course, but not having as much oxygen as she needs causes her body’s systems to slow down first. That’s what she’s most likely to notice first. From there, things only get worse.


Breathing Problems Often Limit Her Activities

As your elderly family member experiences more difficulty with her breathing, she may find that her activities become more and more limited. She may stop engaging in some activities that she loves or she might scale them back considerably. This can have a big effect because she can lose muscle mass faster and she can lose endurance that she’s built up over time. She may also feel tired more often, simply because she’s not breathing well.


Infections Can Be More Frequent

Respiratory problems can mean infections, too. A respiratory system that is functioning normally is able to fend off bacteria and air-borne irritants that it encounters. If your senior’s respiratory system is struggling, it’s not able to do all of that as readily. That can mean that she’s sick more often than she has been in the past and that can weaken her respiratory system even further.


She’s Likely to Experience Overall Weakness

All of this can add up to greater feelings of weakness overall. Her immune system, her muscles, and her overall sense of wellness can feel weaker than they usually are. None of that is easy to deal with, especially if she has other health issues to manage at the same time. Work with your senior’s doctor to determine the best course of action for her going forward.

Conserving her energy can help your senior to deal with these challenges. Hiring elderly care providers allows your senior to have someone to talk with, but more importantly, that’s someone who can handle tasks for her so that she can focus on putting her energy where she most needs to use it.

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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner