Your senior may want to keep her brain as healthy as possible, but what is brain health? There’s actually more to it than you or your elderly family member might realize. It’s important to focus on more than just one type of skill that the brain handles so that you can get a bigger picture of how healthy your senior’s brain truly is.


Homecare in Duluth GA: Brain Health

Homecare in Duluth GA: Brain Health


Cognitive Health Is What Everyone Thinks about First

Cognitive health is synonymous with brain health for so many people. Cognition is all about how your senior learns, remembers, and thinks, so that’s all very important stuff. When she’s not able to think or to remember well, that has a huge impact on your senior’s life. Cognitive health is often the aspect of brain health that aging adults are most concerned about, especially in relation to health issues like dementia.

Sensory Functioning

Your senior’s senses, and how those inputs are processed in her brain, are another part of her brain health. This involves all of your senior’s senses, including how well she sees and hears as well as things like sensing temperature, pressure, and pain. When she’s not getting the right inputs or when the parts of her brain handling decoding those inputs don’t work well, your senior ends up having difficulties.

Motor Functioning

The brain also controls movements, both voluntary and involuntary movements. If your elderly family member experiences a brain injury, like a stroke, she may find that it’s more difficult to use one side of her body, walk, or perform fine motor skills. Overall brain health is essential for all of those aspects of daily life. If your senior is having more trouble controlling motor functions, the problem may be in her brain, rather than solely in her body.

Emotional Functioning

Dealing with emotions is also something that starts in the brain. Your senior’s ability to interpret her own and other’s emotions and respond appropriately in situations relies on her brain’s ability to handle those functions. As with other functions of the brain, if your senior’s brain is not able to handle those specific tasks, the evidence will be apparent because her responses will be different from what she and you expect.

Keeping your senior’s brain healthy is a key part of helping her to remain as healthy as possible. Senior care providers can help you and your elderly family member to do all of those tasks that help her to maintain her brain health for as long as she can.


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