Senior Nutrition: Have you been becoming more and more concerned with your elderly loved one’s nutrition?

Maybe you are wondering whether they are eating enough or whether the foods they are eating are healthy enough for good senior nutrition. These are common concerns of family caregivers. One of the things that can help is to learn about the common nutrition challenges for the elderly. The more you learn about these challenges, the more you will know how to help your loved ones with their nutritional needs.


Homecare in Oakwood GA: Senior Nutrition

Homecare in Oakwood GA: Senior Nutrition

Having Decreased Sensitivity

One of the most common nutrition challenges for the elderly is having decreased sensitivity. As people get older, their senses are as good as they used to be. They need more time and more energy to experience a stimulus. For example, elderly people usually have decreased sense of taste and smell which can cause them to lose their appetite. In addition, your elderly loved one’s decreased sense of smell can cause them to have difficulties determining whether a food they have is rotten. Eating this food can make them very ill. This is one reason why some elderly people need to have home care providers to help keep their fridges cleaned out.

Side Effects from Medications

There are some medications that can lead to nutritional challenges for the elderly, as well. Some of the medication side effects your elderly loved one may experience include reduced appetite, nausea, and change in their taste. If these side effects are causing your elderly loved one to not want to eat, make sure you talk with their doctor. There might be another medication that can be taken instead of the one your loved one is currently taking.

Decreased Dental Health

Is your elderly loved one experiencing decreased dental health? This is another one of the common reasons for nutritional issues in the elderly. For example, if your elderly loved one is missing some of their teeth, it may be more difficult for them to eat. In addition, if your elderly loved one has gum disease, this can be quite painful. It could make eating very painful, as well. If your elderly loved one is eating less due to decreased dental health, be sure they are seeing their dentist. Hopefully, something can be done to help them feel better.

Senior Nutrition: Conclusion

Is your elderly loved one already experiencing nutrition issues? Maybe you have been concerned about their nutrition for some time or maybe this is a new worry for you. Either way, it is important to learn about these nutrition challenges. Now that you know what they are, hopefully, you can help your elderly loved one to work through them for good senior nutrition. If these issues can be solved, your elderly loved one might be able to start eating better.


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