When Hospice is Necessary for Elderly Care near Gainesville, GA

Hospice is a type of care that is provided to individuals who have reached the end of their life. It may be for terminally ill patients, or others who are expected to be measuring their life in days or weeks, rather than years. Hospice is a form of elderly care that can provide comfort for patients who are approaching this phase of their life.

Determining when hospice would be necessary can be a complicated matter, especially for certain families. Many families don’t want to accept the fact that their loved ones are reaching the end of their life. It is not only a sad and depressing topic to discuss, it highlights an inevitable conclusion that we all must face.

So when would hospice be necessary for an elderly individual?

That is going to depend on the individual and his or her health. If they are terminally ill yet still conscious and able to take care of themselves, even with assistance through elder care services, it may not seem that hospice is necessary. Yet when they reach a moment where pain management becomes complicated or they require more significant nursing care, hospice may be necessary at this point in time.

A patient who is no longer conscious and for whom the doctors have said that hospice should be considered, this may be the right elderly care option to consider.

How does hospice differ from general elder care services?

Hospice is more medically intensive, especially with regard to pain management and other medication administration. A general home care aide or even a family member may not be licensed or certified to administer medications. As such, a nurse would be required to do so.

A hospice center would be highly experienced in providing as much comfort to the patient as possible as the approach those final days and weeks. Some people end up in hospice for a month or more, depending on the exact course of their illness, ailment, or physical condition.

While the elderly individual may want to stay at home, and spend the rest of their time at home, hospice services can be hired to come to the home of that individual. They don’t need to necessarily move into a nursing home or hospice facility. A general home care agency would be able to provide some information about hospice care services, especially if they provide this type of elderly care.

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