Hospital Discharge & Transitional Rehab Care

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When a senior is ready for discharge from a hospital or rehab care, it’s time to get organized for a better, safer return to home.

Hospital Discharge & Transitional Rehab Care

Returning home from a hospital stay can result in unexpected challenges for many seniors. Finding themselves back at home after a hospital stay, many older adults struggle to manage
their medications and make followup doctor’s appointments as well as obtain the physical assistance and inhome support they may require, at least on a temporary basis.

As a result, many older adults do not successfully make the transition home well and end up returning to the hospital.

In fact, one in five Medicare patients are readmitted to a hospital within 30 days after discharge. Studies have shown that nearly half of the readmissions are linked to social problems and lack of access to community resources.

You can help ensure that you or your loved one makes a successful transition home from the hospital if you start planning for your hospital visit before you are admitted for a planned procedure or for unexpected visits to start planning for discharge the day of admission. Planning goes a long way to help patients address the questions that arise during the discharge process and make a safe
and smooth return home.

Home Care Can Help!

We offer hospital discharge support as well as support after transitional rehab care ends.

Our clients call us when they are discharging from the hospital or rehab following knee and hip replacements, after heart attack recovery, stroke recovery, pneumonia recovery, and much more.

Hospital stays are often very short. As soon as a doctor says you are “medically stable,” the hospital will want to discharge you. Depending on the condition, patients often transition from the hospital to home or to a shortterm rehabilitation program in a nursing home. Here are some important considerations when you are heading home from the hospital or a rehab program.
Make sure you or your family caregiver talks to a discharge planner, someone at the hospital who helps plan a smooth transition home. There are a lot of details to work out and the
sooner you start the better.

Here are some important issues to keep in mind:

Make sure to order all the needed equipment and supplies. A member of your hospital team can help you with this task. If you are eligible for home care agency services, find out what the agency provides and what you must get on your own.

Here are some good questions to ask:

  • Will I need a hospital bed, shower chair, commode, oxygen supply or other equipment? If so, where do I get these items?
  • What supplies do I need? This may be diapers, disposable gloves and skin care items. Where do I get these?
  • Will my insurance pay for the equipment and supplies?

Call and talk to our friendly staff. We can make your transition to home much safer and more comfortable.