Buford, GA – Is Home Care the Right Choice for My Loved One?

As your parents or grandparents get older, they may suffer from mobility issues or cognitive disorders that make it difficult for them to perform daily tasks such as yard maintenance, laundry, house cleaning or even paying bills. YouHome Care Buford GAr first thought may be to check out assisted living facilities or nursing homes, but it’s likely that your loved one will put up a fight. Many seniors value their independence and want to be able to live in the comfort of their own home. It may be possible, but it depends on their current living situation and your help.


If your loved one lives in the city, then doctor’s offices and stores may be easily accessible by walking or public transportation. But if he or she lives out in the country and is unable to drive, it’s easy to become isolated from the rest of the world. This can lead to depression, which may not make staying at home the best choice.

Support of Family and Friends

Will you and the other family members be available to care for your loved one? You’ll want to assess your loved one’s needs and ensure that you or someone else can fulfill those needs on a regular basis. You can also hire someone to perform services such as yard work or house cleaning. You might also want to check into community services that can provide in-home care or social activities for your loved one.

Medical Conditions

Whether or not your loved one can stay in the home depends on his or her current health and prognosis. If your loved one’s physical and cognitive abilities are expected to decline rapidly over time, then you might not be prepared to take on more responsibilities.

Home Accessibility

If your loved one has mobility issues, can he or she still easily access every room in the home? Does he or she have to climb stairs? Is the bathroom well-equipped with grab bars and other devices to keep your loved one safe? What about outside of the home – is there a large yard that requires maintenance? Are you and your family willing to make any necessary modifications to allow your loved one to continue living at home?


Nursing home and assisted living care can be very expensive. Unless your loved one has saved up for it, you should do what you can to keep him or her at home for as long as possible.

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