Boredom can strike even if your senior seems to have everything that she could want in terms of entertainment and excitement. Sometimes the answer means looking a little deeper at what could be causing the problem and finding a true solution.

Elderly Care in Cumming GA: Is Your Senior Bored?

Elderly Care in Cumming GA: Is Your Senior Bored?

Her Life Is Likely Very Different Now.

As your elderly family member’s health changes, so do the activities that she engages in. In the past, she might have had a much busier life with her own career and tons of other responsibilities. Now her health may have taken her in a different direction that isn’t as active. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t miss those more exciting times.

Her Abilities May Have Also Changed.

Some of the activities your elderly family member might have enjoyed in the past to relieve boredom might be difficult now. If she used to knit but now can’t because of arthritis, that’s frustrating for her. In cases such as that, her boredom might give way to anger more than any other emotion. Finding something that fits with what she can do now helps your elderly family member to focus on what she has, not what she’s lost.

She May not Know What Else She Can Do.

It’s difficult to know what else to do if you’ve always relied on some of the same activities and adventures to relieve boredom. Your elderly family member might not realize that there are other things out there that she enjoys, like listening to audio books or podcasts, for instance. Try experimenting with your aging adult to find different activities that she might enjoy.

Companionship Helps So Much.

Something else to consider is that if your elderly family member is spending a good bit of time alone, that could be a problem for her. Isolation and simply being alone too much can dampen your elderly family member’s interest in so much that would normally hold her interest. Having elderly care providers available to spend time with her can make a dramatic difference, even if the visits are shorter. Elder care providers can also help with transportation and taking your senior to meet up with friends and acquaintances.

Boredom can show up in different ways for different people. Your aging family member might not even realize that the restlessness that she’s feeling is boredom. Sit down with her and figure out together what might work to help her feel less of that dull, exhausting drag on her senses.

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