Elder Care in Lawrenceville GA

June is Effective Communications Month and for anyone who is considering elder care for their aging mother, finding the right type of assistance and the care she’s going to want and need all begins with Elder Care in Lawrenceville GAproper communication.

It’s easy to assume that a person knows what another individual is going to need. Many adult children, especially those who have raised their own children, may see the difficulties and challenges their aging parent is facing and assume they know what’s best for them. While these individuals may very well know the best course of action for proper care, the senior has every right to determine the course of their care, whether the family agrees with it or not.

In other words, even though the adult child knows full well that their aging mother requires some type of assistance at home getting out of bed and going to the bathroom at night, taking a shower, or even getting to a doctor’s appointments, if the elderly individual doesn’t want any type of professional assistance, they can’t be forced to have it.

Also, many family members who take on the role of a caregiver often encourage their loved ones to stop doing certain activities, going out to the park, or even spending time volunteering for community projects. Their focus is on safety for their loved one. That may be a noble gesture, but a high quality of life begins by doing things that are important to a person. If the senior feels as though they aren’t capable of doing anything anymore and are being discouraged from even trying, they may become more prone to depression, feelings of loneliness and isolation, and anxiety.

Begin proper communication.

The best way to open up the lines of communication with your elderly mother is to understand as much as you can about professional home care for the elderly. These services, most commonly referred to as home care aides, can assist with a variety of basic tasks around the house. A caregiver can also support the senior in getting outside, going for walk, getting exercise, and staying as active and involved in life and the community as they want to.

The next phase of communication is about listening. It’s important that when you’re speaking to your elderly mother you listen to what she has to say. Understand her perspective, the things that are important to her, and you will eventually realize what she needs, wants, and how to reach a consensus.

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