Yawn! Wow, What a Meal: Thanksgiving with Senior Care

Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away at this point and it’s a great opportunity for families to get together. Many families find that they are spread out over a wide geographical area and getting together for functions can be problematic. When one of those family members requires some type of senior care, it is important for the family to plan ahead.

While you may be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and have invited your elderly mother to attend, maybe you didn’t think to include the senior care provider in your plans. Maybe your mother’s caregiver would not be able to attend anyway because they would be spending it with their own family, but consider the following scenario:

You pick your mother up the night before Thanksgiving and she spends the night in your guest room. You wake up early to get working on the Thanksgiving dinner and she calls you for assistance getting out of bed. You run down the hall while something is on the stove and it takes you longer than you expected and by the time you get back to the kitchen, what you were cooking is now completely ruined.

Your mother requires more assistance throughout the day and this hampers your opportunity to prepare the meal properly.

Once your guests start to arrive, it’s a bit of a relief because now your mother is entertained and there’s somebody else who can assist with whatever care she requires.

You all finally sit down to a nice meal and afterward nobody really wants to get up and move.

However, your mother needs assistance getting to the bathroom and then you begin to realize just how important senior care is for her. Your mother is going to be spending the next couple of days with you because you thought it would be nice to spend the holiday together.

Without understanding exactly what type of senior care services your elderly loved one may require, and if he or she is going to be spending that time with you, it can create a difficult situation for you and them.

Be sure you understand your elderly loved one’s senior care needs as soon as you begin to make Thanksgiving plans. This also goes for any other type of holiday or family get-together. Don’t get caught off guard when it comes to senior care. Plan ahead and consider looking into the prospect of hiring professional senior care for those holiday periods.

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