Making the transition from hospital to home after surgery, recovery, or other reasons for long-term stays can be more stressful than patients realize. The change of environment can also contribute to the many complications that often arise resulting in hospital readmission. Hiring home care services can make life more comfortable during the transition from hospital to home.

Readmissions have become a major cause for concern as a good portion of older patients end up back in the hospital within 30 days of discharge. Many times this can be avoided if the patient has quality help during the transition period. Home health care services can play a major role in filling the gap and preventing readmission.

One way to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home is by communicating with the doctors and nurses to ensure treatment and home care goes according to plan. Having an experienced in-home care provider who is able to help assist and monitor the treatment and recovery process is beneficial to the patient and family members.

Sometimes family members are reluctant to hire someone to care for their loved one but they soon realize afterwards that having an extra set of eyes and hands relieves a great deal of stress and anxiety. Your loved one should be on board with the idea as their level of comfort is very important to the recovery process.

The great thing about in-home health care services is that they are available for either short or long-term periods. Depending upon the needs of the patient and family, agencies will help fill the transitional gap from hospital and home for as long as requested.

It is important when considering home care services to inquire about the training and experience of an aide. Most agencies will work with families to provide caregivers that match the criteria of a given situation. Some agencies don’t perform background checks or offer training to those they hire so it is essential to ask about their screening process to ensure the best possible care and safety measures are being exercised.

Creating a positive and happy transition from hospital to home is essential to the overall health of your loved one. Hiring home care services can help make life more comfortable and enjoyable for all parties involved. Home care services will alleviate much of the stress and responsibilities that family members would have to otherwise take on.

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