Mental Health: Have you been worried that your elderly loved one is suffering from a mental health disorder?

Mental Health: Maybe you have noticed they get really anxious during certain types of situations. You may have noticed that they seem to experience symptoms of PTSD. If you are worried about these things, you may want to start learning more about the mental health disorder risk factors.

This can help you to determine whether your elderly loved one has a higher risk of having a mental health disorder. If they do and they are exhibiting symptoms of this type of disorder, you or a senior care provider should schedule an appointment with a therapist, psychiatrist, or primary care doctor.


Mental Health

Mental Health


Certain Medical Issues

There are many medical issues that can increase a person’s risk of developing a mental health disorder. Some of these issues commonly affect senior citizens. If your elderly loved one has heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or Parkinson’s disease, they will have a higher risk of having a mental health disorder. If they do have any of these medical issues or others that are causing mental health symptoms, make sure you or a senior care provider talks to them about it. Your elderly loved one may be suffering in silence because they don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

Losing Their Independence

Did you recently have to hire senior care providers to care for your elderly loved one? Have you been helping your loved one with more tasks than you were in previous months or years? If so, this could be causing your elderly loved one to feel depressed. It could also be causing them to lose their self-confidence and have more self-esteem issues, as well. If your elderly loved one is feeling like this due to their loss of independence, make sure you let them know you only want to help. You aren’t there to take over. It may also be beneficial to ask your elderly loved one what they want to help with. From there, you can give them tasks they are capable of doing.

Mental Health: Losing Loved Ones or Friends

Has your elderly loved one recently lost a loved one or a friend? This could be due to death or someone moving away. Losing a loved one or a friend can be tough on anyone, especially the elderly. Most elderly people don’t have many people in their close network. In addition, the people they do have usually were in their life for a long time. If your elderly loved one has lost a loved one or a friend, they may be feeling grief, depression, anxiety, and more. It is important they get the help needed. You can enroll them in therapy or just be there for support. It may also help to have senior care providers go to their house more often for a while. This way, your elderly loved one can talk about their loss if they want to do so.

Mental Health: Conclusion

These are some of the mental health disorder risk factors that you should know about the elderly. When caring for your elderly loved one, if they have these risk factors and exhibit mental health symptoms, be sure to talk with them. Let them know you want to help and will do what you can to get them support.


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