The Transition from the Hospital to Home Care in Flowery Branch, GA

It was an overcast day that threatened snow when Sandy was set to be discharged from the hospital. Her adult daughter had been making some type of plans for her at home, including hiring an in home care service provider.

Sandy wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea of hiring home care, but after the stroke she understood she needed some type of assistance. She was going to require various home health care services, including a visiting nurse and physical therapist for a time. The doctors also mentioned the need for an occupational therapist to improve the chances of her making a full recovery.

Sandy’s daughter spent a couple of days planning for her discharge. She went to her mother’s home to evaluate the condition of it. She noticed there were several problems that needed to be addressed. The most significant happened to be in her bedroom.

Sandy’s bed was a traditional one that was considered relatively high. It always required her to do a slight hop to get up into it. This was no longer going to be an option, so Sandy’s daughter went out and purchased a new bed frame that would bring the mattress lower. That was going to make it much easier for her mother to get into and out of bed, even with assistance.

Next, Sandy noticed potential hazards in the bathroom. She had a professional home improvement contractor come in and replace the old toilet with one that was actually a little bit higher, which would make it more comfortable for her mother to get down to and back up from.

She also had the contractor install grab bars in the shower and purchased a shower seat to make it easier for her mother to bathe. She wasn’t sure how well her mother would be able to manage this on her own, but she knew these grab bars and the shower seat were going to make a difference.

Finally, Sandy’s daughter went through the kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator and decided to purchase a lot of new items that were healthier, avoided sugars, avoided salts, and that would basically promote positive health.

Sandy did these things because she had heard a great deal about the importance of transitioning home after a hospital stay. The safer the home is, the more comfortable it is, and the more support the person gets, the better it’s going to be for them during their recovery.

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