Diabetes is a complicated disease that has the potential to cause a variety of complications. Because there are so many facets to the care of someone with diabetes, having a diabetic care team can result in more effective management of the disease and reduce the chances of serious complications. If your parent has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and you are new to the idea of a care team, you might be wondering who should be on your parent’s diabetes care team. Below are just some of the people you should consider as part of the team.

Senior Care in Dacula GA: Creating a Diabetes Care Team

Senior Care in Dacula GA: Creating a Diabetes Care Team

Your Parent.

Your parent is the most important person on the care team. They must be on board and willing to comply with the care medical professionals suggest to get the most out of their treatment plan. Your parent is also the only one who can report how they are feeling. It’s important that your parent be included in making decisions about their care. Being included ensures their wishes are being met and that they will be more likely to follow the plan.

Your Parent’s Primary Doctor.

Your parent’s doctor is the person they will see when they are not feeling well or when it is time for routine care. If your parent does not currently have a primary doctor, look for a family doctor or an internist who is experienced in treating people with diabetes. The primary doctor will most likely be the person who leads the care team.


A dietician is someone who is trained in nutrition. They will help your parent to devise an individualized meal plan that will help them to meet their health goals. The dietician will teach your parent how foods will affect their blood sugar and how to balance food with physical activity. The dietician will be your parent’s source of information regarding all things food related.


Endocrinologists are trained in treating conditions that are diseases of the endocrine system, like diabetes. They are specially trained to work with diabetics to get symptoms under control and to manage complications.

Nurse Educator.

A nurse educator has special training in diabetes. They teach people how to handle the daily care of diabetes, such as checking blood sugar levels and what to do when they are sick.

Senior Care Provider.

A senior care provider hired through an agency can be an essential part of the care team. Senior care providers can visit your parent in their home to assist them with daily tasks. For example, a senior care provider can help your parent to cook healthy meals and track the foods they’ve eaten. Senior care providers can also remind your parent to test their blood sugar level and take medications.

Other Team Members to Consider.

Your parent’s care will require occasional assistance from other medical professionals. Some people to consider as part of your parent’s diabetic care team are:

  • Podiatrist.
  • Eye doctor.
  • Mental health professionals (social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.).
  • Pharmacist.
  • Dentist.
  • Fitness trainer.


By working as a team with your parent, their medical providers, and senior care providers, you can help your parent to stay as healthy as possible while living with diabetes.

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