Whether your senior has COPD, asthma, or some other type of breathing issues it can help to understand what the contributing factors are. The main reason for that is so that you can solve those problems for her, of course. Here’s what you should know about keeping a breathing tracker.


Senior Care in Buford GA: Tracking Breathing Problems

Senior Care in Buford GA: Tracking Breathing Problems


Keep a Breathing Log

The best way to start noticing patterns in anything is to keep a log of some sort. In this case, you’re going to want to keep a breathing log for your senior. This enables you and your elderly family member to jot down what she’s doing, how she’s feeling, and what factors influence any issues she’s having. Make sure also to note down the times of day when issues arise, because that can be far more important than you might think. While you’re tracking, jot down things like foods your senior eats, places that she goes, and what types of exercise she’s done. Literally everything needs to be logged, just in case.


Notice Triggers and Triggering Events

Even after just a little bit of data gathering, you’re going to start noticing some patterns. As you gather even more data, you should be seeing a definitive pattern. Your senior might find that when she’s drinking more carbonated beverages, her breathing is a little more troubled. That’s because carbonated beverages, especially when consumed throughout the day, can contribute to feeling bloated and that can push on your senior’s diaphragm and lungs. Avoiding those beverages can help her to feel more comfortable and can increase her ability to take slightly deeper breaths.


Bring the Information to Your Senior’s Doctor

This information is going to be incredibly helpful for you and for your senior, but it can really be helpful for her doctor. Your senior’s doctor may notice some patterns and clues that you didn’t know to look for. For instance, if your senior is taking her medications at the wrong time of day, that might be something that her doctor can help her to adjust. It’s always a good idea to have as much information as you possibly can to give to your elderly family member’s doctor.


How long your elderly family member tracks her breathing issues might vary. But that data can be very helpful any time she notices that she’s not feeling as well as usual. If keeping up with the tracking is difficult for her, elder care providers can help her to add information.


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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner