Senior Care in Oakwood GA

There is nothing quite like the fun and excitement of finding that perfect gift for a loved one for the holiday season, and if you are on a senior care journey with your elderly loved ones, it can be a Senior-Care-Oakwood-GAmemory-making way to keep their mental and emotional health high, support their meaningful involvement in the holiday season, and strengthen their cognitive function during the season.

In today’s technology-obsessed culture, more people than ever are looking to gadgets to make their lives easier, healthier, and more enjoyable. If your seniors have tech-savvy loved ones on their holiday list, giving fun and unique tech-related gifts is a fun way to give them something that they know was chosen especially for them, and that they will actually appreciate and use beyond the holiday season.

Whether they are shopping for cutting edge grandchildren or just want to give something useful and fun to their senior health care services provider, use these ideas to inspire you to help your loved ones choose gifts for the tech-savvy friends and family on their holiday list this year:

• Activity trackers. Staying physically active is important for everyone, and considering weight loss and increased exercise are at the top of most people’s New Year’s resolution list, giving something that helps them to keep track of how much they are doing can help them to reach their goals more easily. Look for ones that are easy to program so they can choose their activity and see their progress, motivating them to keep going.

• Portfolio. Everyone has loose changing around their home, and much of the time it gets lost. Saving this change can really add up, but nobody wants to have to pour it all out of their change jar or bank to count it to see how much they have. This ingenious little piggy bank connects wireless to mobile devices and automatically keeps track of change that is put in so that you can keep a running tally just by checking in on your device.

• Key tracking fob. Do your parents know someone who is known for misplacing their keys? Make it easier for them to find them with these simple little fobs that just look like keychains. Look for ones that have downloadable apps so that they can simple touch the alert button on their mobile device and hear the alarm on their key tracking fob go off.

• Waterproof speaker. Singing in the shower just got a whole lot easier with these bright, colorful speakers that you can attach right to the wall of the shower and stream all of your favorite tunes while taking a shower or soaking in the bath. This can also be a fantastic gift for your aging loved ones if they experience anxiety or stress related to baths or showers. Playing calming music during the experience can help to ease this anxiety and let them feel more in control as you are filling the bath with water or they are actually showering.

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