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If your loved one’s doctor has recommended a liquid diet, you may fear that your loved one is going to waste away. Making proper meal plans and getting as much nutritional value as possible out of your loved one’s foods can help you avoid those problems.

Add as Much Variety as You Can

The big problem for a liquid, or even a soft, diet for most people is that they can get stuck in a rut very easily. There are really only so many banana and strawberry smoothies that most people can eat without feeling hemmed in by their dietary restrictions. For the sake of your loved one’s taste buds as well as the nutritional makeup of her diet, you need to add as much variety to a liquid diet as you possibly can. This can mean trying out lots of foods that your loved one might not have found interesting otherwise.

Texture Can Be More of a Problem than Taste Can

When it comes to pureed foods and even smoothies or milkshakes, the texture of those foods can be more of an issue for your loved one than the taste can be. Think about the different times you might have needed to eat different types of foods. Having something beef-flavored, for instance, that is grainy and too liquid can be unsettling. Learn about the different textures that your loved one likes and doesn’t like so you can tailor her foods accordingly.

Keep Your Loved One in the Loop

While you’re learning her preferences, it’s a good idea to involve your loved one as much as possible in choosing the foods she’ll be eating. It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut, particularly if something is easy to eat. But your loved one may not want to eat smoothies for breakfast every day. In fact, she may get to the point where she goes off smoothies altogether. Figuring out what she’s interested in eating may be more of a chore if you’re not getting her input.

Work with Your Loved One’s Doctor

Always work with your loved one’s doctor when you’re figuring out what types of foods she can have. Your loved one’s doctor has dealt with plenty of patients on a liquid diet before, and he can let you know what other patients have preferred in an effort to help you come up with even more ideas.

Check with your loved one’s senior care providers for other ideas. They may have much more experience helping loved ones adapt to liquid diets and can offer you their secrets.

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