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As your parent ages, they may be worrying more and more about developing cancer, especially if they know they have a family history of it.  There is a lot of information out there about different Senior-Care-in-Flowery-Branch-GAways to prevent cancer, but do any of them work?  The truth is, there are several ways you can help your senior loved one to reduce their risk of developing cancer and help them to prevent death from cancer.  Most of them require healthy lifestyle changes that are beneficial to overall health and wellbeing.  If your loved one is concerned about their cancer risk, encourage them to take these preventative measures and incorporate them into their healthy lifestyle:


Get Recommended Cancer Screenings

As your parent ages, they may find that their doctor will recommend more cancer screenings.  These screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies can detect cancer cells and precancerous lesions.  When these are found in the early stages, they can more easily be treated, preventing more serious forms of cancer.  Help your loved one to stay up to date on their cancer screenings, and be sure that they don’t miss any.



Being physically active is great for overall health and wellbeing.  Studies have also showed that it can decrease a person’s risk for developing certain types of cancer.  Have your senior loved one talk to their doctor about a safe exercise plan and then help them to follow through with it.  Remember, consistency is key!


Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables is one way to prevent cancer as well as many other serious health conditions.  Make sure that your senior loved one has fresh fruits and vegetables ready for snacking at all times.  This will prevent them from relying on less healthy convenience foods.


Quit Smoking

Smoking and tobacco use can lead to many different types of cancer.  Remind your loved one that it is never too late to quit using tobacco products and even if they quit later in life, their health will still benefit from it.


Use Sun Protections

Skin cancer is a common form of cancer that is preventable.  When your loved one spends time outdoors, remind them to use sunscreen, wear protective clothing or a hat, and seek shade when possible.  Avoiding “peak” sun times is also helpful.  Remember, your loved one can still be exposed to harmful UV rays even when it is cloudy or cold out.


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