Senior Care in Johns Creek GA

As a family caregiver, hearing that your aging parent might have dementia can be one of the most frightening and upsetting elements of your role. If you are dealing with this point in your care Senior-Care-in-Johns-Creek-GAjourney, however, it is vital that you also remember that this is happening directly to your parent and that they will be going through their own emotions and reactions as well. They might be facing emotional turmoil and fear that challenge their quality of life. Helping them to ease these concerns can protect your parent from emotional, cognitive, and even physical consequences.


Use these tips to help you ease your parent’s emotional concerns over a possible dementia diagnosis:

  • Be as positive as possible. Your parent is going to use your reaction to determine how they should react to this situation. If you are visibly distressed and overwhelmed, they are likely to feel that way as well. Showing positivity will help to put your parent at ease and encourage them to look at this situation with optimism
  • Acknowledge their emotions. Do not confuse being optimistic and positive with not acknowledging what is going on or ignoring the emotions that your aging parent is facing. Acknowledge what they are going through and that they are experiencing difficult emotions. This can help them to feel at ease expressing these emotions and working through them in a healthy and effective way
  • Reassure them. The thought of having dementia can make your loved one feel as though they are alone and worry that they will not be able to move forward with a quality of life that they desire. They are likely thinking of all of the plans that they had that they will no longer be able to fulfill and what they might not experience. Reassure them that you are there for them and that you are going to give them the most attentive, dedicated care that you can to ensure that they are able to live the life that they want throughout their progression with the disease.


If your aging parent has recently been diagnosed with dementia, now is the ideal time for you to start senior care for them. The highly personalized services of a senior home care services provider ensure that your loved one is able to address their specific needs, challenges, limitations, and symptoms in the way that is right for them. This allows them to age in place comfortably, safely, and healthily, while also giving you confidence that they are in good hands even when you are not able to be with them. The care that a senior care provider offers to your parent goes beyond just the physical needs that will increase as dementia progresses. The support, companionship, and encouragement that they receive can also help to boost their mental and emotional health, support better cognitive and memory skill, and keep them active and engaged even as they deal with these new challenges in their life. This can help them to see that even as they are coping with dementia, they can continue to pursue the lifestyle that is meaningful to them.

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