Senior Care in Marrietta GA

Summer is here, which means it is a great time for people of all ages to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.  June is Great Outdoors Month, a month dedicated to doing fun activities outside andSenior-Care-in-Marrietta-GA appreciating our country’s parks and trails.  Great Outdoors Month is a perfect time to encourage your senior loved one to accompany you on an outdoor adventures.  Outdoor activities can be a great form of exercise, they can be educational, and, best of all, they can be relaxing and fun.  Read on for a list of great outdoor activities you can enjoy with your loved one this Great Outdoors Month.


Hiking and Nature Walks

Our nation is filled with wonderful state and national parks as well as smaller local parks which have great hiking and nature trails.  Hiking and taking nature walks are great activities for seniors because they can go at their own pace and walk as much or as little as they choose.  In addition, it is a fun way to get physical exercise in because of the beautiful sights you will be seeing along the way.  When hiking, be sure that your loved one wears comfortable shoes, takes breaks when needed, and utilizes sun protection.


Canoeing, Kayaking, and Paddle Boating

Many parks offer canoe, kayak, and paddle boat rentals and have beautiful lakes and rivers to use them on.  These small watercraft are fun to take out on the water and also allow for plenty of slower-paced sightseeing.  In addition, using these types of boats is a great workout whether your loved one is paddling or pedaling!



Fishing is a relaxing activity that can also be very exciting.  It is also a fun activity to do with friends and can have a great social aspect.  If your loved one enjoys fishing, make sure that they obtain a fishing license from the state and that they fish in designated areas.  When fishing during peak sunlight hours, encourage your loved one to use sun protection such as sunscreen and/or a hat.



Birdwatching is a great activity to do at a local park or nature preserve.  Many parks have set up habitats for certain types of birds and they can be places for your loved one to spot unique birds that they don’t see every day.  Don’t forget to bring along some binoculars and a bird guide book!


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