Caregivers in Cumming GA

As much as a senior would like to take care of himself, the matter is really an issue of what the senior is able to do Caregivers in Cumming GAand what he needs help with.  Below are some senior care tips for family caregivers:

1.  Watch for signs of needing help.  Be aware of past due notices, stoves left burning, and other things that might indicate that a senior cannot handle household tasks.

2.  Use automatic bill pay and deposit as much as possible.  These are modern conveniences that are good for caregivers, too.

3.  Make sure a senior has Power of Attorney documents completed before they are needed.

4.  Order an annual credit card check to make sure that there are no unauthorized charges against an account.

5.  Shred important documents and unused credit card applications.

6.  Try to accompany the senior to doctor’s appointments.  Make sure to take notes during these visits to keep them in order.

7.  Keep a list of all the doctors the senior is seeing as well as all of the medications in the event you need them for an emergency.

8.  Make sure the senior knows to protect his or her Social Security number in order to keep it from theft.

9.  Contact a local home care provider to determine what services they offer.  Many businesses and services have “check in” options to make sure that a senior is okay.  Even government services such as the US Postal Service will make notes when a senior’s mail has not been picked up.

10.  Check on community services that might be available to make the senior’s life better and more comfortable.  Services such as “dial a ride” and “meals on wheels” are very common and offered at either no cost, or very low cost.

This is only a very short list of the many services that are available to assist caregivers in providing for a senior.

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