Many family caregivers feel as if one schedule or way of handling life is all that they need. Unfortunately, needs change and sometimes your schedule doesn’t work for you anymore. These signs can let you know when it might be time to rethink things.

Caregiver in Cumming GA: Rethinking Your Schedule

Caregiver in Cumming GA: Rethinking Your Schedule

You’re Sad, Anxious, or Worried without Cause.

There are a lot of reasons to be sad, anxious, or worried as a family caregiver. But if you’re feeling this way when there’s no real reason to feel that way, it might be due to trying to do too much. Take some time to find a way to recharge so that you can get back to doing what you need to do.

You’re Tired All the Time.

Everyone feels sleepy or groggy some days. But if you’re feeling that way more often than not, that’s your body letting you know that whatever you’re doing really isn’t enough. Look at where you’re getting rest and whether that’s enough for you. It might be that it’s the quality of rest you’re getting that’s off.

You’re Not Engaging in Your Normal Activities.

When you’re not feeling yourself, you’re likely to be avoiding activities that you normally enjoy. This is a cue to you to really look at what you’re spending your time doing and whether you’re including time for yourself to do the activities that you enjoy and that give you feelings of accomplishment.

You’re Angry a Lot of the Time.

Frustration and anger are also pretty common for caregivers. But why are you really angry? If there’s no real cause, it’s likely due to stress. Treat yourself gently and determine what you need to do in order to let go of those feelings. It might help to talk to a therapist or counselor if you’re having trouble.

You’re Overwhelmed, Even about Easy Stuff.

Stress can make your brain and your body freeze up completely. Even the normally simple stuff feels overwhelming to you, so you don’t even attempt the bigger stuff. Finding your balance can get you back to a place where you’re not as overwhelmed and can handle everything life throws at you again.

Once you’re back to feeling on top of things again, keep reassessing how you’re feeling. You’re going to constantly make adjustments to accommodate your own needs.

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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner