Often caregivers think about all of the complex tasks that elder care providers can do for aging adults, but companion care can be really powerful. It’s a simple form of care that may not look as amazing as it is. It can be as simple as having care providers stop by just like a friend would.

Elder Care in Cumming GA: What is Companion Care?

Elder Care in Cumming GA: What is Companion Care?

Conversation and Someone to Listen.

One of the easiest ways for elder care providers to offer companionship to your aging adult is through simply sitting and talking with her for a while. They may also do other things, but the basis of the encounter is conversation. Your senior gets a chance to have someone to just listen to her as well, which might feel like something that she doesn’t have very often now.

Socializing with Other People.

As your senior grows older and her capabilities change, she may not get out as much as she used to. Friends and neighbors can move, too, which might shrink your senior’s social group. If she doesn’t have many family members in the area, either, that makes socializing difficult. Having a friendly face stop by regularly can help your elderly family member to open up to socializing again on a regular basis.

Help with Reading.

If your family member is having trouble with her vision, reading can be incredibly difficult. Audiobooks are definitely an option, but there are so many other items that require reading. Having someone that she trusts around to help her with anything that requires reading can help your elderly family member to feel safer and also offer her a friendly face.

Assistance with Activities.

Lots of aging adults still enjoy hobbies and activities that are a lot of fun, but that become more difficult to do alone. Your senior might appreciate having someone around who can help her with anything that is complicated for her while also offering conversation. This is something that can be underrated, especially because hobbies can bring so much joy to your aging adult.

If you’ve been concerned about your aging adult spending too little time with other people, companion services might be what you need. Elder care providers understand what your senior needs and can help her to ease back into being more socially active or simply meet her where she is right now. Regardless of your senior’s goals, having someone to simply spend time with her can help her immensely.

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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner