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The First Step to In-Home Senior Care

Our care assessment team will meet with you to discuss your specific in-home care needs. Our meeting will include a complimentary in-person or remote client care assessment and evaluation. Together we will develop a personalized in-home health care plan to meet your individual needs.  We know that your needs can change, so we are flexible. If you require a change in care services, personnel or care plan levels, we work continuously to meet your needs.  Our team at Home Care Matters will always do our best to accommodate you.

Our Process – First Steps

The ‘DEE’ Test

Dee Darling, the mother of our Home Care Matters Founder, Valerie Darling, laid expectations for her own personal caregivers, and we expect the same expectations for your family.

“If we wouldn’t want them caring for our mom, then we’re not placing them with yours…and she was tough!”

Follow Up

For our clients and families, regular feedback is received through various programs and methods to help us to keep track of, maintain and follow-up on your family’s progress and well-being.

+ Client assessments: Performed more often than the State of Georgia requirements of every 92-122 days

+ Supervisor visits: Proactively monitoring our services on a continual basis

+ Customer Service visits: Proactively monitoring and improving your satisfaction on a continual basis

+ Customer Service Satisfaction Program

+ Caregiver Satisfaction Program

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