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How to Figure out and Accommodate Your Own Limits as a Family Caregiver

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Every family caregiver has her limits and if you don’t know when you’ve reached yours, you might be in for a surprise before you know it. Here are a few ideas about how to look at what you’re doing and how you can gain some space for yourself.

Make a List of Everything that You Are Responsible for Managing

To truly appreciate all that you do and all that you’re responsible for doing, start out by making a list. That list needs to be comprehensive and include all of that tasks that you do on a daily and weekly basis for you, for your elderly loved one and for others. If you need to make the list as you’re going through a day, a week, or even a month, that’s fine and will allow you to be as comprehensive as possible.

How Does Your List Make You Feel?

Once you have your list, take a good look at it. How does it feel when you see, on paper, all that you do and all that you’re responsible for doing? You’re likely to be quite surprised at first when you realize just how much you’re in charge of handling. So stop for just a moment and examine how the list makes you feel. Are you overwhelmed? Are you frustrated? Sad? It’s important to understand how the overall picture makes you feel so that you can move forward.

Can Anyone Else Help?

As you go through your list again, mark activities that someone else could reasonably do for you. If you know right away who you can ask to help with that task, write that person’s name beside the task. You might be surprised just how much of your list contains tasks that other people actually can help you with during the week.

Actively Seek out Help

Now that you have an idea what can be delegated to someone else, it’s time to seek out that help. You might have only a few one-time tasks with which you need help or you might have ongoing tasks. Be straightforward with the people you’re asking for help and don’t assume that you’ll get either a yes or a no. Either answer is truly fine. If you’re in an area that is far from other family members or people who could help, consider hiring senior care providers to help split up your task load.

Give Yourself the Room You Need

The bottom line is that you have to give yourself the room that you need in order to remain within your own limitations. If you don’t do that, you’re going to burn yourself out and that’s going to be awful for both you and your elderly loved one.

Once you have a plan to help you to stay within your own limits, you can monitor that plan and adjust it as necessary.

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