Staying Connected with Companion Care at Home

Companion Care at Home in Lawrenceville GA

Social connection is something that seniors might not think about as much as they used to, but it’s still important for them. Staying connected with the world around them helps seniors to battle loneliness, helps them to feel as if they belong, and it keeps them engaged in what’s happening. One easy answer to help […]

Home Care Offers Respite Time for Family Caregivers

Home Care in Duluth GA

Caring for aging family members at home is something that most family caregivers find incredibly rewarding. That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t see and feel the challenges that come with being a family caregiver. Long-term caregiving responsibilities definitely take a toll on family caregivers, and that’s something they can’t ignore. Getting help from home […]

Using Music as Part of the Alzheimer’s Care Plan

Alzheimer's Care in Hoschton GA

As more and more research pours in, it appears that music is a powerful ally when providing Alzheimer’s care to seniors. Beyond just providing entertainment, music has the remarkable power to help people with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia unlock memories, reduce anxiety, and strengthen emotional bonds. Understanding this and how to incorporate […]

Empowering Seniors: Self-Care Strategies for Post-Hospitalization Recovery

Post-Hospital Care in Buford GA

Transitioning back home after a hospital stay can be difficult for seniors as they manage their recuperation. This is especially true if they’re concerned about readmissions, living alone, or struggling with any changes brought about by the hospitalization. However, with the right post-hospital care support, seniors can enhance their well-being and restore their independence. Part […]

Six Proactive Steps for Creating an Aging Plan for Seniors

Senior Home Care in Oakwood GA

Planning for the future is something that most people do all throughout life. It’s especially important to plan for situations like when seniors decide they want to age in place. A plan involves addressing possible issues seniors might encounter and figuring out in advance what solutions might be the best option. For seniors who are […]

Home Care Assistance Boosts Mental Well-Being for Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Buford GA

Often seniors and family members worry more about physical well-being as they decide to age in place. That is incredibly important, but it’s also important to pay attention to mental and emotional well-being. Home care assistance helps with things like physical safety and hands-on help, but they can also help with companionship, emotional support, and […]

Tips for Seniors When Choosing a New Medical Doctor

Companion Care at Home in Johns Creek GA

The importance of putting our health first increases with age. Choosing a physician who is capable of providing individualized, high-quality care and who recognizes our special needs is one of the most important decisions we can make in this regard. But navigating the healthcare system can be difficult, particularly for seniors. Not only are there […]

Home Care Matters Receives 3 Home Care Pulse 2024 Best of Home Care® Awards

Home Care Matters Receives (3) Home Care Pulse 2024 Best of Home Care® Awards – Provider Of Choice Employer Of Choice Leader in Training Flowery Branch – Home Care Matters (HCM) announced today that it received 3 of the distinguished 2024 Best of Home Care Awards – Provider Of Choice, Employer Of Choice, and the […]

Five Ways Home Care Supports Aging in Place

Home Care in Hoschton GA

Aging involves so many challenges and sometimes seniors worry that they may have to leave their homes and move to another type of living situation. For seniors who don’t want to move to assisted living facilities, aging in place feels like the best solution. With the help of home care services, aging in place becomes […]

Personal Care at Home Helps Preserve Dignity While Dressing

Personal Care at Home in Gainesville GA

Most seniors realize that certain tasks get more difficult with age. What they don’t always expect is for those tasks to be ones that they’ve been able to handle with ease on their own for so long. Needing help with clothing and getting dressed is sometimes really embarrassing. But personal care at home can be […]

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