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Symptoms and Causes of Vertigo

Senior Home Care in Suwanee GA

Vertigo is unique in that it’s a sensation, not an actual event in the body. It is a sensation that the room or area around you is spinning when in fact, you are holding still and so are the things around you. Because it is such a strong sensation that the world is spinning, and […]

5 Tips to Help Seniors Feel Better While Battling Arthritis

Home Care Assistance in Sugar Hill GA

Arthritis is a common problem for seniors. It’s a condition that causes both stiffness and inflammation in the joints, which can cause a lot of pain. Symptoms can vary depending on a variety of different factors. What many seniors need is a plan that helps them to feel better while they continue to live with […]

Understanding Why Mental Health Is Crucial for Seniors

Companion Care at Home in Dacula GA

A senior’s mental health is incredibly important to focus on, but usually something they put on the back burner. They may not think it is important during their final stage of life, or they may have never focused on it before; either way, it’s not an excuse to keep putting the focus on mental health. […]

Six Tips for Managing and Preventing UTIs in Seniors

Personal Care at Home in Hoschton GA

Recognizing and treating a urinary tract infection as soon as possible is incredibly important for seniors. All too quickly a common UTI can turn into a kidney infection or another complication. The tricky part is that seniors don’t always have the typical symptoms of a UTI. That’s why it’s so important to manage and prevent […]

Our Caregiver Was Wonderful!

Please know that Karline was wonderful!!!! We truly loved her. She was so caring and very helpful. She really cares about people, something you cannot train someone. It was a gift to us to have her with us this past week with him declining so much. We were all together on Thursday and it was […]

Healthy Snacks For Seniors That Will Satisfy Cravings

Home Care Assistance in Duluth GA

Seniors who crave a snack between meals need to choose something nutritious and satiating. Protein snacks are better for seniors, especially for seniors that tend to skip meals. Often seniors are not getting the amount of protein they need every day to maintain their muscles and keep their bodies healthy. When seniors are shopping for […]

What Are The Best Social Media Sites For Seniors

Elder Care in Braselton GA

There has been a big increase in the number of seniors that are active on social media. Seniors can get a lot of benefit from social media, as long as they are careful. Making friends on social media can help seniors avoid feeling isolated. And keeping up with far away friends and family members is […]

What Can Seniors Do to Reduce Alzheimer’s Disease Risk?

Alzheimer's Care in Oakwood GA

There isn’t any way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease yet, but seniors can still do something to reduce their risk and to promote brain health. By understanding potential risk factors, prioritizing a healthy lifestyle, and seeking early support from Alzheimer’s care professionals, seniors can take control of their cognitive health. There are other things they can […]

Understanding Hearing Aids and Personal Sound Amplifiers

Companion Care at Home in Hoschton GA

Hearing loss is a common problem that affects a lot of older people. It can make it hard for them to communicate and enjoy social events as they once did. Thankfully, hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers can help those with hearing issues hear clearer and continue participating in activities they enjoy. While both hearing […]

Helping Seniors Focus on Gratitude

Home Care Assistance in Buford GA

Helping seniors think about what they are thankful for can significantly affect their general health and quality of life. As people get older, they might have health problems, lose loved ones, or be forced to change how they do things daily. When this happens, it can make them feel alone or cut off from the […]

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