4th of July Safety Tips for Outings With Your Aging Parent

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This 4th of July, you’re eager to attend the community celebrations starting with a parade before a community BBQ, and fireworks show. Your mom wants to join in the fun. What should your family be thinking about in terms of safety to ensure it’s a fun day out? How can home care play a role […]

4 Activities for Your Senior to Try

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When your elderly parents live independently, you may be concerned about their well-being. Whatever age your loved one reaches, you want to ensure they have all they need. Choosing to age in place gives many individuals the sense of self-reliance they want. When seniors live alone, their quality of life might suffer, leading to a […]

Help Your Senior Get Ready for Surgery

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At some point in time, your senior loved one may have a health condition that needs to be treated with surgery. When you don’t live with your elderly loved one, you may want to consider hiring senior home care to help ensure they are living the best they can and maintaining a quality of life. […]

What to Know About Vitamins and Minerals for Seniors

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Vitamins and minerals are crucial for the body to stay healthy and survive. There are many senior citizens who aren’t getting the vitamins or minerals they need such as vitamins A, D, K, C, E, and B. It is important to know about the different jobs that vitamins have within the body, such as resisting […]

Celebrate National Trails Day with Your Elderly Loved One

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Every first Saturday in June, there is a day you may not know much about. National trails day! This year it is on June 4th, and it’s the perfect day to take your mom or dad for a hike or even a walk around the neighborhood. When your senior ages in place, it’s essential to […]

What Services Does Elder Care Offer?

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Your dad is getting older and needs help with many aspects of aging. Your family is discussing his options. You could all split up the week and help him out, but that’s tough for some of you due to work schedules and family lives. The other option you’re discussing is home care. If you hire […]

Tips And Tricks For Seniors Managing Seasonal Allergies At Home

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Allergies can affect seniors throughout the year, but typically they are worse in the spring and in the fall when the seasons change. Because many seniors take a lot of medications for various health conditions, they may not be able to take medicines for seasonal allergies. Or, the medications that they may be able to […]

What Does “Aging Her Way” Mean for Your Senior?

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Every year the theme for Older Americans Month in May is different. 2022’s theme is “Age My Way.” Understanding what aging her way means for your senior can mean talking with your elderly family member about what she wants from her life as she continues to age. For many seniors, this means aging in place […]

Helping Your Senior Stay Active During The Summer

Senior Care in Suwanee GA: Senior Activity

As the seasons change, the weather will get nicer, but many seniors have been stuck inside for a few months thanks to brutal winter weather. You may be worried about your mom or dad’s health, and part of that worry is understandable if they are moving enough. Staying healthy means getting enough physical activity and […]

What Can You Do to Help Your Senior to Safely Age in Place?

Homecare in Hoschton GA: Aging in Place

Has your senior mentioned to you that she wants to age in place? Many seniors do, and with the right planning and preparation, that could very well be a possibility for your elderly family member. The key is often in having the right assistance such as homecare services available when your elderly family member needs […]