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Caregiver: Amending Routines for the Elderly: What Tips Do You Need?

Caregiver: Routines: Studies show that having a routine can lower stress, help with emotion management, reduce scheduling conflicts, and help you relax.

Caregiver: Everyone needs to have routines.

Studies show that having a routine can lower stress, help with emotion management, reduce scheduling conflicts, and help people to relax. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, you and their personal care at home providers should work together to amend their routines. Here are some tips that can help you and your caregiver with this process.


Caregiver in Sugar Hill GA: Senior Routines
Caregiver in Sugar Hill GA: Senior Routines

Amending Morning Routines

The first part of your elderly loved one’s day that you should take a look at is the morning. Research shows that the way someone starts off their day can negatively or positively impact the rest of the day. You want your elderly loved one to have a good time throughout the day and that starts with their morning routine. Some things that should be in their morning routine include:

  • Eating breakfast
  • Taking a shower (if they are a morning bath person)
  • Doing light pick up around the house
  • Journaling
  • Making a to-do list for the day (unless they like to do this in the evening before bed)
  • By doing these things, your elderly loved ones can start their day off productive and healthy. Hopefully, this routine will put them in a good mindset, so they can have a good rest of their day.


Amending Afternoon Routines

The afternoon is usually when people start slacking. Your elderly loved one may hit the afternoon rut. This can be quite difficult to push through. Many senior citizens will lay down and take a nap. Your elderly loved one doesn’t necessarily have to avoid naps. However, they should still have an afternoon routine to keep their day on track. Some things that you or a personal caregiver may want to put into your elderly loved one’s afternoon routine include:

  • Snack
  • Eating a healthy lunch
  • Light pick up around the house
  • Exercise
  • Medications (if they are on any – you and the home care providers can give reminders if necessary)
  • Time with family, friends, or a senior care provider
  • Personal hobby

If your elderly loved one does these things in their afternoons, they will not only be productive, but they will also be socializing and doing something they enjoy, too.


Caregiver: Amending Evening Routines

Your elderly loved one needs to end their days strong, as well. Some things that should be put into their evening routine include:

  • Snack
  • Healthy dinner
  • Picking up around the house
  • Showering (if they like to shower in the evening)
  • Reading
  • Doing a calming activity such as a puzzle
  • Paying bills (if they have any to be paid that day)

These activities can help your elderly loved ones to end their day off well.


Caregiver: Conclusion

There are many ways that you can help your elderly loved ones to amend their daily routines. If your senior does the activities above each day, they can have a productive, happier, and more calm lifestyle.


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