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Personal Care at Home Helps Preserve Dignity While Dressing

Personal Care at Home in Gainesville GA
Personal Care at Home in Gainesville GA

Most seniors realize that certain tasks get more difficult with age. What they don’t always expect is for those tasks to be ones that they’ve been able to handle with ease on their own for so long. Needing help with clothing and getting dressed is sometimes really embarrassing. But personal care at home can be there to offer help and support in a dignified and positive way, making it so much easier for seniors to accept that assistance.


Respectful communication is so important when helping seniors with a personal task like getting dressed. Small steps like asking for permission before helping and explaining each step of the process go a long way toward helping seniors feel more in control of the situation. Personal caregivers go out of their way to make seniors feel comfortable while having help with intimate tasks like changing clothes.

Supportive Environment

Having a supportive environment also makes these types of tasks easier. Comfortable seating helps seniors to relax while they’re changing clothes. Sufficient space to move around while someone is standing next to them is also important. Removing obstacles or clutter and putting tools in place to offer more stability helps make the experience feel safer and more manageable.

Help Selecting Easy Clothing

For many seniors, choosing slightly different clothing can have a huge impact on their ability to change clothing more easily. Clothes that have hook and loop closures or large buttons can be easier to manipulate, for instance. In some cases, switching to clothing without closures at all is an even better option. Adaptive clothing can streamline the dressing process, even if seniors have help.

Breaking Down Tasks

Often tackling the entire process of changing clothes or getting dressed all at once is simply overwhelming. With home care providers there to help, seniors can tackle the task in stages. It might also be possible that seniors need help with laying out clothing in a way that makes it easier for them to put on themselves. Caregivers can help with whichever stage of the process seniors most need assistance.

Patience and Empathy

These types of tasks are ones that can be really embarrassing to need help with on a daily basis. That’s why it makes such a big difference when personal care at home approaches each situation with patience and empathy. Getting dressed with the help of someone else might take longer than usual and it can be awkward. It’s always better if the person helping isn’t making the situation worse for everyone involved.

Encouraging Independence

Not everyone needs help with every stage of changing clothes or getting dressed. In fact, it’s best if seniors are able to have help when they need it, but take care of the portions of the task that they can handle on their own. This helps to preserve independence and confidence. It also ensures that seniors aren’t struggling with tasks that are too difficult.
Having help with seemingly simple everyday tasks doesn’t have to be something that makes seniors feel bad about themselves. Skilled personal care at home professionals ensure their patients feel empowered and confident every day, no matter how much help they need.

The staff at Home Care Matters is available to talk with you and your family about all of your needs. Home Care Matters is a home care agency providing quality and affordable personal care at home in Gainesville, GA, and the surrounding areas. Call (770) 965-4004 for more information.

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