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What Do Seniors Need to Understand about UV Rays and Safety?

Home Care Assistance in Gainesville GA
Home Care Assistance in Gainesville GA

Taking proper care when seniors are outside protects them from all sorts of issues, including ultraviolet radiation. UV rays are a big problem on hot, sunny days, but many seniors don’t realize that UV rays can be just as harmful on partially cloudy days, too. Home care assistance can help seniors to stay safer when they’re outside and likely to experience UV exposure.

Some Sun Exposure Can Be Good

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient. It helps with all sorts of health conditions but is especially important for seniors in terms of bone health. Seniors can get vitamin D from the food they eat, but the easiest way to get it is through sun exposure. The body manufactures vitamin D from just a few minutes of sunlight.

Sun Safety Is Crucial

Even with all the good that vitamin D can do, too much sun exposure is not so good. UV rays can lead to premature aging of the skin, including wrinkles, but it can do far worse, too. UV rays also cause sunburn and can lead to skin cancer. Staying safe in the sun involves taking a few different steps on a consistent basis. Wearing sunscreen with a high SPF factor every day is something seniors need to start doing.

Protective Clothing Can Help Somewhat

Wearing protective clothing, like long-sleeved shirts and pants, can help to protect against the sun’s rays. Some clothing has built-in UV protection, making it an even better choice. Seniors should also consider wearing hats with wide brims that help to cover their eyes, face, and upper chest. This offers coverage in addition to that offered by sunscreen.

Hydration and Shade Are Essential

Staying out of direct sunlight is a good idea, especially during the times of the day when the sun’s rays are more direct. Sticking to shaded areas allows seniors to be outside and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about burning or experiencing direct exposure to sunlight. Drinking plenty of water helps to avoid dehydration, which can cause other health problems for seniors.

Prioritize Eye Protection

All too often people forget about eye protection in the sun. It’s about more than being stylish. First, sunglasses help seniors to see better in bright sunlight. But the lenses should also offer protection. Lenses that block both UVA and UVB rays help to protect eyes from issues like cataracts. Elder care providers can help to remind seniors to wear eye protection when they go outside.

Some Medications Make Sun Exposure Worse

It’s important for seniors to understand that some medications have side effects that can make sun exposure worse. These medications increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays, which can increase the risk of burning and other issues. Talk to medical professionals about medications to understand how seniors might be affected by sun exposure.
Even a little bit of sun exposure can have some serious impacts on a senior’s health and well-being. The more that family caregivers and seniors know about avoiding sun damage, the healthier seniors are going to be. Home care assistance can be there to help aging adults manage their day to take advantage of being outside in fresh air but doing so safely.

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