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Anyone can develop arthritis, but there are some risk factors that up the odds considerably that your elderly loved one is going to face arthritic conditions later. Some of these risk factors are Home-Care-Gainesville-GAcontrollable, but others are outside of your ability to change. Talk with your loved one’s doctor about his risk factors and work with him to develop a plan to minimize the risk before arthritis strikes.


Unfortunately, as your loved one grows older, her risk for developing arthritis grows. The reason for this is that as we age and as we go about our daily lives, our joints experience wear and tear. That can be enough to experience arthritis later in life. Age isn’t the only or the most important risk factor, though, so simply growing older isn’t enough on its own to mean that your loved one will deal with arthritis.

Prior Injuries

Injuring a joint is a big risk factor for later developing arthritis in that joint. The wear and tear that a joint sees during daily use can wear down a joint, but injuring it leaves a point of weakness that can lead later to arthritic symptoms. Sports injuries, a break at a joint, or even just general weakness over the years in that joint can be enough to later develop issues.

Family History

If there is a history of arthritis in your loved one’s family tree, then he’s far more likely to develop arthritis himself. Genetics can also pass along other problems, such as sensitivity to triggers for rheumatoid arthritis, which can lead to arthritic conditions later. You can’t do much about a genetic propensity for arthritis, of course, but being forewarned helps you to be prepared.

Excess Weight

Carrying around extra weight puts stress on your loved one’s joints that can lead to problems with arthritis later. This is especially a problem in joints in the lower body and in the spine. Losing weight can help to relieve some of the stress on joints and reduce some of the pain of arthritis. Work with your loved one’s home care providers and medical team to come up with an exercise plan that can gently help your loved one reduce his weight.

Understanding the risk factors that can lead your loved one to arthritis can help you to develop a plan.

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