Stiff joints are something that you might not realize could be a deciding factor in whether your elderly family member can keep driving or not. They’re definitely painful, but at some point those stiff joints can seriously limit her mobility and even leave her unable to handle the car as she has in the past.

Senior Care in Gainesville GA: Stiff Joints and Driving Problems

Senior Care in Gainesville GA: Stiff Joints and Driving Problems

Talk to Her Doctor First.

Any time that your senior experiences changes or worsening in terms of pain, especially with her joints or her muscles, it’s important to open a dialogue with her doctor. There’s a lot that could be happening, whether it’s an existing condition that’s worsening or a new problem. Talking with her doctor can help you to narrow down what the underlying issue is and whether there’s much that you can do.

Car Modifications Can Help.

Most people don’t realize just how many different modifications are available for cars these days. You can add hand controls that operate the pedals, for instance. You can also add mirrors and extensions that help her to see when her ability to turn to look over her shoulder is limited. Look into what options are available to see which ones might work best.

Physical Activity Can Also Help.

Modifying the car is something that can help your senior right away. Increasing her levels of physical activity can help her in the long run. Her doctor can help her to put an exercise plan together, but she’ll need to stick with it. Improvements don’t happen overnight, but gradually your senior will feel stronger and more flexible than she has been feeling.

It’s Not a Bad Thing if She Needs to Stop Driving.

In some cases, your senior may not be able to continue to keep driving. While that might feel devastating to your elderly family member when she first hears the idea, it can actually help her to be more mobile than she was in the past. Senior care providers are an excellent substitute driver for her because they can help her in other ways besides driving her wherever she needs to go.

Regular assessments of your senior’s driving and, more importantly how she feels behind the wheel, can help you to work together to keep her safer. Let your senior know that you’re not trying to keep her from driving. You’re merely trying to ensure that she’s safe and still able to go where she needs to go.

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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner