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Home Health Care: 4 Facts You Need to Know about Strokes

Home Health Care: Strokes are a frightening health issue and can lead to bigger concerns. Strokes are scary but many survive and even recover from strokes.

Home Health Care: Strokes are a frightening health issue and often can lead to bigger health concerns.

They can also be fatal. As your senior’s family caregiver, it’s important for you and your home health care provider to understand as much as possible about strokes, particularly if your elderly family member has a high risk of having a stroke herself.


Home Health Care: Strokes
Home Health Care: Strokes


The Brain Needs Blood in Order to Stay Alive

A stroke happens when blood flow is severely slowed down or stopped in the brain. As with a heart attack, this causes immediate issues for your senior and for her brain. The brain has to have blood flowing in order to keep functioning and during a stroke, the brain can start to die off quickly without that blood flow. This is why responding quickly when you suspect a stroke is so important.

Risk Factors for Strokes Are Complicated

There isn’t just one risk factor for strokes. Your senior may be at a greater risk for a stroke if she has a family history of strokes and circulatory issues. If she’s got high blood pressure, diabetes, or she’s a smoker, she may also increase her risk of having a stroke. Talk with your senior’s doctor about her individual risk factors so that you both know what she’s up against.

Every Stroke Is Different

There are several different types of strokes ranging from “mini-strokes” or transient ischemic attacks to ischemic strokes caused because of blood clots and hemorrhagic strokes, caused by ruptured blood vessels in the brain. The severity of the stroke and where it occurs is primarily what dictates how the stroke impacts your senior afterward.

Your Senior May Need Help After a Stroke

It’s highly likely that your elderly family member is going to need more help than either of you realize after a stroke. Medical assistance, like through physical therapy, is something that her doctor is likely to get rolling for her. But putting home health care assistance in place can make a huge difference for your senior. Caregivers can offer companionship, but also hands-on assistance with anything that is more difficult for your senior. Senior care at home allows your senior to recuperate at home and at her own speed.

Stroke recovery is going to look different for your senior on different days, too. Everyone has good days and bad days. What matters is that your senior has the tools that she needs to heal as well as she can.


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