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Elderly Care: How Do You Keep Your Mental and Emotional Health in Check?

Elderly Care: When your computer isn't working correctly, do you reboot it? You turn it off, and back on to give it a chance to take a break, and reset itself.

Elderly Care: When your computer isn’t working correctly, do you reboot it?

You turn it off, wait a few minutes, and turn it back on. You’ve given it a chance to stop, take a break, and reset itself. How often do you do this with yourself? Consider elderly care providers to help you get some “You,” time to reboot.


Elderly Care in Duluth GA: Caregiver Health
Elderly Care in Duluth GA: Caregiver Health


If you’re always helping others and never taking a break, you’re heading for caregiver burnout. At some point, you’ll find it impossible to function. Just as you give the computer a chance to reboot, you need to do the same for yourself.

Part of self-care is taking care of your physical health, but your emotional and mental health is just as important. When did you last stop and focus on making yourself healthy emotionally and mentally?

Elderly Care: The Differences Between Mental and Emotional Health

Mental health involves learning information and processing it. Emotional health, while similar, involves understanding how that information makes you feel and embracing those feelings and emotions.

For example, there’s a break-up in your family. You’re processing how this will change your life. You’re looking at that break-up, how it affects you, and likely making plans on what happens next.

Emotional health would look at how the break-up is impacting your emotions. Are you sad or angry? It’s okay to be one or the other or a mix of the two. It’s okay to admit you’re mad and constructively vent that anger.

When it comes to being a family caregiver, your mental health requires you to look at the facts of the health conditions your parents have. You have to understand it, know the steps to take, and plan for future care needs.

But, you also have to look at your emotional health. You could be scared that it could happen to you, angry that it’s happened to your parents, and happy you’re able to spend time helping them out. The conflicting emotions can be overwhelming, so some bottle up those emotions. That’s not healthy.

The best way to take care of your emotional and mental health is by taking breaks. If you’re working full-time or part-time, helping your parents, and trying to keep up with chores at your house, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.


Elderly Care: Schedule Respite Care

Instead of trying to do everything and hide your feelings from your parents, take time to care for yourself. See a therapist, attend a support group, and lean on your other close family members for support.

Talk to an expert in elderly care. Have your mom and dad’s care needs covered by respite care from a professional caregiver.

While these elder care aides are helping your parents, you have a chance to visit friends, relax at home, or spend time with your children or significant other. Call an agency and ask about respite care.


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